Experience a new 1 vs 4 online multiplayer game set in the Resident Evil universe where four survivors face-off against a sinister Mastermind.
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  • Smells Like Team Spirit

    Escape with your whole team alive using each Survivor character.

  • You Cannot Escape From Death

    Finish a match without letting any Survivors escape using each Mastermind character.

  • Bye Bye Bye

    Pass through an Exit during Overtime using any Survivor character.

  • Ground Zero

    Escape as a Survivor with 3rd phase infection.

  • That's Not A Gun, This Is A Gun

    Defeat 2 Survivors using a single camera-mounted firearm.

  • Can I Offer You a Cough Drop?

    Make Survivors cough 30 times in a single match.

  • Gotta Go Fast

    Escape within 10 minutes.

  • Premature Annihilation

    Win a match before the Survivors clear Area 2 as the Mastermind.

  • Lab Rat

    Complete the Survivor tutorial.

  • Blocked

    Have 2 cameras disabled simultaneously in a level.

  • Gotta Get That Boom Boom Boom

    Use explosive-type weapons to kill 3 enemies at once.

  • Sharing is Caring

    Have all Survivors possess at least 1 special weapon at the same time.

  • Weapons Don't Grow on Trees

    Break 3 melee weapons in a single match.

  • Meddling Kids

    Incapacitate the bioweapon 3 times in a single match.

  • Get Back to Work

    Save every member of your team in a single match.

  • Eat This

    Counter 3 enemies in a single match using Valerie's Explosive Knowledge - Counterattack.

  • Putting the Team Back Together

    As Valerie, use Modified First Aid Spray to help defeated teammates 3 times in a single match.

  • ICU

    Mark 40 items or threats in a single match using Valerie's Survival Instinct.

  • Jan Shot First

    As Jan, disable a firearm-equipped camera before the Mastermind has a chance to fire.

  • Over Watched

    Disable cameras 15 times in a single match using Jan.

  • Pay to Win

    Buy a special weapon from the Armory using Jan's Cyber Monday - Arsenal.

  • Kneel Before Your Queen

    Kill 5 enemies in a single match while using Becca's Sentry Stance.

  • Guns N' Powder

    As Becca, expend 300 Ammo in a single match.

  • Destruction 100

    Shoot 100 bullets in a single activation of Becca's Bullet Storm.

  • Bet You Didn't See That Coming

    Using Martin's Flash Baton, interrupt a bioweapon that has grabbed a teammate.

  • Does This Spark Joy?

    Shock 3 enemies at once with landmines using Martin's Makeshift Mine - Shock.

  • Y'all Got Any More of Them Traps?

    Disarm or destroy 10 traps in a single match using Martin's Sapper.

  • You Are Filled With Determination

    Save another Survivor after saving yourself using Tyrone's Determination - Second Wind.

  • Two Enemies One Kick

    Send 2 enemies flying with one kick using Tyrone's Power Kick.

  • Can't Touch This

    As Tyrone, escape without being grabbed by enemies.

  • My Iron Body is Invincible

    Activate Sam's Fists of Iron twice within 90 seconds.

  • Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru

    As Sam, kill 5 creatures within 30 seconds using melee attacks.

  • I Need Healing

    As Sam, escape without using health-recovering items (Can still be healed by teammates).

  • Look At Me—I'm the Mastermind Now

    Complete the Mastermind tutorial.

  • Powerbuff Girl

    As Annette, have a creature with 3 buffs survive for 1 minute.

  • I Work Out

    As Annette, have 8 creatures with at least 1 buff in the game simultaneously.

  • Will of the G

    Successfully use G-Birkin's Overkill 2 times in a single match.

  • Minesweeper

    As Alex, use traps to defeat Survivors 4 times in a single match.

  • Work Hard Plague Hard

    Use Alex's Biohazard - Epidemic to buff 4 creatures with infections in a single match.

  • When the Explosion is Just Right

    As Alex, use Yateveo's Self Destruct to defeat 1 Survivor during a match.

  • Time's Up, Let's Do This!

    As Spencer, run out the clock and win a match while your Disintegration Field is active.

  • Power Overwhelming

    As Spencer, maintain 8 units or more of Bio Energy for 2 minutes.

  • Deal With It

    As Spencer, activate 10 skill cards within 1 minute.

  • Well That Escalated Quickly

    As Daniel, use controlled creatures to defeat Survivors 2 or more times in a single match.

  • Weird Flex but OK

    As Daniel, use Creature Cards that cost 4 or more Bio Energy units 4 consecutive times.

  • One Punch

    Defeat Survivors using the Tyrant's Bull Rush 2 times in a single match.

  • Payback Time

    Win as the Mastermind while the Final Exit is open.

  • Put That Thing Back Where it Came From

    Defeat a Survivor while they are holding a puzzle piece in Area 1.

  • Thou Shalt Not Pass

    Lock doors 10 times in a single match.

  • Hello Darkness My Old Friend

    Turn off lights 10 times in a single match.

  • The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

    Defeat a Survivor using a controlled Security Guard Zombie in Area 2.