You Suck at Parking® - Complete Edition

You Suck at Parking® is the only racing game where your goal is to stop and parking your ride is more important than your driving skills. It’s a hot race against the clock as you drift, cruise, and go airborne over 250 frustratingly fun, wild levels.
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  • Look mom no hands


    Park a car without controlling it

  • Parked is parked


    Park as a wreckage

  • On the rocks


    Park as an ice cube

  • Braking bad


    Complete a level without braking

  • The smell of gasoline in the morning


    Finish first in an online match

  • Eat my dust


    Win all rounds of an online multiplayer match

  • Carnivore


    Win 3 online multiplayer matches in a row

  • Professional parkster


    Park on all spots in a round of online multiplayer

  • Rear window shopper


    Acquire a cosmetic from the parking lot

  • Take off the training wheels

    Finished the tutorial

  • You suck at flying

    Be airborne for 30 minutes in total

  • Losing grip

    Drift for 1 hour in total

  • Peter Parkster

    Drive vertically for 5 minutes in total

  • Antarcticar

    Unlock the snow biome

  • All spots taken

    Complete all levels in the base game

  • Master Skowda

    Perfect all levels in the base game

  • Time to shine

    Customize your car for the first time

  • Are we there yet?

    Reach level 25

  • Roadtrip

    Reach level 50

  • Late to the party

    Park on the last spot with your last car in the last round in online multiplayer

  • No spot left unparked

    Park on all spots in a full match in online multiplayer

  • Rock This Party

    Win a match when playing in a Party

  • Party Time!

    Create a party for the first time

  • Fired up

    Complete all levels of the "Inferno" update

  • Flaming hot

    Perfect all levels of the "Inferno" update