Neon Abyss

Neon Abyss is a frantic, roguelite action-platformer where you run ā€˜nā€™ gun your way into the Abyss. Featuring unlimited item synergies and a unique dungeon evolution system, each run diversifies the experience and every choice alters the ruleset.
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  • First Blood


    Death is another beginning.

  • Don't Panic


    Get killed by your bombs.

  • Sovereign of Eggs


    Get 50 eggs in a single run.

  • Mom's Love


    Successfully hatch eggs 5 times in a row.

  • First Light


    Defeat God of Darknet.

  • Natural Products


    Defeat God of Machines.

  • Sad Eggs

    Failed to hatch eggs 5 times in a row.

  • Mind Your Steps

    Get killed by environment damage 9 times.

  • Grim Squad

    Unlock 6 Characters.

  • Hi Death!

    Died in the Abyss 99 times.

  • Demolition Expert

    Found 99 secret rooms.

  • Rugged Tenacity

    Acquire 8 heart containers in a single run.

  • Shields Up!

    Acquire 8 shields in a single run.

  • Abyss Veteran

    Entered the abyss for the 999th times.

  • The Real Game

  • Stay Clam

    Defeat God of Violence.

  • Seek the Truth

    Defeat Goddess of Illusion.

  • Shutdown

    Defeat the God of Electricity.

  • Key Master

    Opened 999 locked chests.

  • Bug Squisher

    Stepped on worms 999 times.

  • Burning Ground

    Jumped 9999 times.

  • Acrobatic

  • Piano Virtuoso

    Completes the Piano challenge 10 times.

  • Fishing Joy

    Fished 10 times in fishing room.

  • Dark trade

    Made deals with Smirk Co. 99 times.

  • Born Gambler

    Played the Roulette machine 99 times.

  • I believe I can fly

    Jump in the air for 10 times before landing.

  • Sherlock

    Found 5 secret rooms in a row.

  • Pro Gamer

    Defeat God of Machines without getting hurt.

  • Ultimate Challenge

  • Safety First

    Complete a run without getting hurt.

  • I'm Fine

    Complete a run without recovering any hearts.

  • Shopping Maniac

    Empty 4 shops in a single run.

  • Action Supremacist

    Defeat Argus without picking up any items.

  • Saturday Night Fever