Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story

Build a school for RPG heroes in a mix of simulation and role-play adventure. As Principal of a school for the warriors and mages of the future, you must build your Academy to train the best in the land. Place and upgrade facilities, form teams of the best students and send them out on epic quests!
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  • Rock 'n' Roll

    Enroll 30 new students.

  • Academy at Arms

    Craft 10 weapons.

  • All that Glitters

    Craft 10 accessories.

  • Cherry Pop

    Graduate a student.

  • Golden Memories

    Graduate 50 students.

  • The Blade Which Sold the Mountain

    Obtain Valthir.

  • A Fall of Moonlight

    Obtain Crescent Edge.

  • Citizen Cane

    Obtain Shermanstaff.

  • Straight A's

    Reach Accreditation level A.

  • Perfect Academy

    All facilities built at Accreditation level A.

  • Dance with Draconus

    Promote a student to Arc Draconus.

  • Guardian Force

    Promote a student to Paladin.

  • Run and Gun

    Promote a student to Arquebusier.

  • Attack of the Clowns

    Promote a student to Harlequin.

  • Heal Overtime

    Promote a student to Medica.

  • Sage Knowledge

    Promote a student to Scholarsage.

  • Erratic Quests

    Finish 30 errand missions.

  • Valthirian Peace

  • Valthirian Truce

  • Valthirian Vice

  • Namingway

    Rename a student.

  • Mother Save the Queen

    Finish Chapter 1.

  • Colors and Classes

    Finish Chapter 2.

  • Rise of the Wicker Cult

    Finish Chapter 3.

  • Return of the Princess

    Finish Chapter 4.

  • Invulnerable

    No fallen students for 5 consecutive missions.

  • Ultimaniac

    Learn an ultimate skill.

  • Gold for the Gold God

    Have 1,000,000 G in your Academy's funds.

  • Capitalism, ho!

    Buy an item from the wandering merchant.

  • The Completionist

    Unlock all achievements.