Assault Spy

Dash, evade, and smash your way to the truth as the corporate spy, Asaru; or the reckless CIA agent, Amelia! Uncover the dark secrets of the Negabot mega corporation as you save the company from a hostile takeover. Assault Spy is a stylish, fast paced, pure-action game with a dash of comedy.
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  • Project Kick-off!


    Start the game

  • It's because you got in the way of my job.


    Defeat 100 enemies

  • Install Directly to the Brain


    Use the Skill Shop

  • Business Favors


    Rescue a trapped Negabot employee

  • Wipe 'em out all at once!


    Defeat 3+ enemies at once

  • Here, have my business card!


  • Super Duper Robobreakerman

    Defeat 1,000 enemies

  • Super Stylish Spy!!!

    Get a Battle Result of SSS

  • He's definitely a musclehead!

  • See? It can't read minds after all!

  • What a pain... Quit running off!

  • Super Amateur Spy

  • Last One Standing

  • Time Out!

  • Well? Let's hear the truth!

  • Overclock Overcome!

  • Curtain Call

  • You're an agent too, right?!

    Encounter Amelia

  • Thank you! You're amazing!

    Rescue all the trapped Negabot employees

  • Fully Installed

    Learn all of Asaru's skills

  • True Assault Artist

    Learn all of Amelia's skills

  • Hard Worker

  • Due to personal reasons, I must resign from being a human as of today.

  • All jobs have an end!

    Clear Death March Mode

  • Say goodbye to your bosses

  • Report: Mission Accomplished—Spy did not die

  • Unexpected Strength

    Defeat the Officers in the Executive area

  • The Assault Spy

    Unlock all achievements

  • ???

    Clear ???