Earthlock is an indie developed, adventure RPG inspired by the classic 3D RPGs of the late 90's, with a fresh take on turn based combat and character progression.
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  • Zabirum Seeker

  • Hogbunny Buddy

  • Gersween's Nest

  • The General's Daughter

  • A Stormdog's bond

  • The Red-Haired Enigma

  • Ancient Sentient Support

  • House In Order

  • Shielded by Lÿs

  • Inside Maáto's Mind

  • Owls of the Nest

    Completed the game

  • Owl Tide Bestiary

    Defeated one of every enemy

  • Supreme Scavenger

    Opened 50 chests

  • Gardener of Lango

    Harvested 10 000 fruits

  • Lango Plantmaster

    Levelled every type of plant to level 3

  • Diligent Hogbunny

    Grew a plant in every garden slot

  • Great Wave Alumni

    Crafted one of every Perk Talent

  • Champions of Umbra

    Levelled all characters to level 20

  • Fearless in Karba

    Levelled up all Bonds to level 5

  • Disciple of the Onurasi

    Equipped a Talent in every available slot

  • Heroic Hoarder

    Released all the barnacles to play on Plumpet Beach

  • Spiritualist of the Sands

    Released 50 tormented Ghosts

  • Festival Masters

    Gained Gold Rank in all Tournaments

  • Custodian of Scrollroads

  • Konkylian Custodian

  • Fruits of Labour

    Planted one of every critter plant

  • Critter King

  • A Better World

    Scavenged all scrap piles

  • Gold Finger

    Dug up all treasure zones

  • Master Engineer

    Crafted one of every weapon

  • Well Traveled

  • Art Director

  • Family Ties

  • Warden