Cosmo's Quickstop

Cosmo’s Quickstop simulates the fast-paced thrill of managing a gas station… IN SPACE! Upgrade your services, please alien customers, and complete your daily chores through simple minigames that add up to a hilariously frantic experience with solo or couch co-op play.
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  • Fickle Pickle

    Beat the Switcheroo in campaign mode

  • Do You Smell Calamari?

    Beat the Squeeb in campaign mode

  • An Eye For Perfection

    Beat the Inspector in campaign mode

  • Bubble Burster

    Beat the Time Bubble

  • Small Business Owner

    Beat the campaign on any difficulty

  • Legendary Space Janitor

    Beat the campaign only playing on challenge difficulty

  • Fashion Forward

    Earn a Cosmometic

  • Finally Fancy!

    Earn all of the Cosmometics

  • Lil' Task Master

    Get 1 task to max level

  • Ultimate Multi-tasker

    Get all tasks to max level

  • A Golden Opportunity

    Play with a supercharged task

  • Whoopsie!

    Break a task

  • A Challenger Approaches

    Play a challenge day

  • Participation Trophy

    Play half the challenge days

  • Can't Say You Didn't Try

    Play all the challenge days

  • Perfectionist

    Earn 3 stars on a challenge day (Single Player Only)

  • Ultimate Try-Hard!

    Earn 3 stars on all challenge days (Single Player Only)

  • Self-Motivated

    Play a day in sandbox mode

  • Moneybags!

    Earn over $2000 in a single sandbox day

  • Blub Blub!

    Watch the fish for 3 uninterrupted minutes


  • It Takes Nine to Tango

    Dance with all the different alien species

  • To the Moon!

    Earn $50,000 over all modes and saves.

  • To the Stars!

    Earn $100,000 over all modes and saves.

  • To Infinity and Then Some!

    Earn $200,000 over all modes and saves.