Kingdom Two Crowns

In Kingdom Two Crowns, players must work in the brand-new solo or co-op campaign mode to build their kingdom and secure it from the threat of the Greed. Experience new technology, units, enemies, mounts, and secrets in the next evolution of the award-winning micro strategy franchise!
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  • On the First Day

    Recruited eight archers

  • On the Second Day

    You got free walls.

  • On the Third Day

    You started your camp.

  • By the Fourth Day

    You hunted 40 or more critters.

  • By the Fifth Day

    You didn't kill anything.

  • On the Sixth Day

    You had more gold than you could carry.

  • On the Seventh Day

    You cleared an acre of land.

  • By the Eighth Day

    You forged a new Crown

  • On the Ninth Day

    You held a Gem

  • By the Tenth Day

    You destroyed a portal.

  • Master of the Sea

    Sail away before day 6!

  • I am an Equestrian

    Ride 4 different steeds on the same land

  • Is a Hermit still a Hermit if they have friends?

    Put 4 hermits on the same boat


    I have 20 max-level towers on a single land

  • Playing with goo

    Escape the cave with your crown in tact

  • Pyrotechnics

    Set fire to 20 greed with one flame barrel

  • Their Savior

    Revive a Land after 200 days of decay

  • Safe Passage

    Have lighthouses on all 5 lands

  • Easter Island

    Clear all trees from a single land.

  • The Student Becomes the Teacher

    Beat a portal with a squire

  • Beginning of a legend

    Defeat the Greed on one land

  • Stories Have Begun

    Defeat the Greed on two lands

  • Songs Will Be Written

    Defeat the Greed on three lands

  • Legends Will Be Passed Down

    Defeat the Greed on four lands

  • You have Sealed Your Reign In History

    Defeat the Greed on all five lands

  • There Is No Greater Ruler Than Thou

    Defeat the Greed from all five lands in a single reign

  • Never Gives Up

    Retrieve your crown 300 times

  • A Journey Is Better Shared

    Sail to another land in Coop 30 times

  • Cracked the Skull

    Overcome the Greed on Skull Island

  • A New Heir

    Lose your crown, but not your legacy.

  • The Four Horsemen

    Summoned the four monarchs to the land of the dead.

  • Igavania!

    Ride the Gamigin.

  • Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

    Recruit a Cat

  • Arm the Homeless

    Convert a Beggar Camp into a Citizen House

  • Above and Beyond

    Defeat the Greed on all 6 Lands


    Unlock all Items of Power (Solve All Puzzles)