An adventure about a robot saving her home from a dark crystalline force. Set upon a biopunk space station bursting with fantastic plants and aliens.
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  • Find the Light Sprites

    Find the Light Sprites in the cupboard.

  • Social butterfly

  • Mmmm jam!

    Make Solar Berry jam.

  • Speed of Light Sprite

    Try to teleport a Light Sprite!

  • Smart robot

    Collect Brainapilla.

  • Spooky surprise

  • Grizzly gate keeper

    Get past Wee Ted.

  • Captain's log

    Read all of the Holo-Tech pictures in the Living Quarters.

  • Robot parts

    Fix Captain Art.

  • Rise and shine

    Wake up the Head Gardner.

  • Dragon Spotting

    See a Water Dragon in the pond.

  • Crissy's tale

    Learn about Crissy through Starbelly in the Maze room.

  • Why bunnies?

    See all of the bunnies in the Light Sprite homes.

  • Squish a Squirt

    Click on a Squirt or Nudibranch.

  • Be kind

    Return Stitch to Mavis.

  • Rainbow brites

    Restore colour to the Coral Reef.

  • Dark story

    Chat to the Head Gardener in the Coral nursery.

  • They be Planimals!

    Free the Water Dragons.

  • Lazy Growbloom

    Activate Nara's Growbloom.

  • Full steam ahead

    Collect power from Starbelly.

  • Robot rock

    Make Nara dance!

  • Ghost talk

    Talk to the rookie Ghost.

  • Shiny new Shield

    Make a new shield for the Ventral station.

  • Hero's Journey

    Save Kino.