An action-adventure roguelike with a bit of RPG tossed in. Adventure deep into the UnderMine and discover powerful relics, deadly enemies, hidden secrets, and a few friends to help along the way.
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  • Returned to His Forge


    Rescued Wayland

  • Mimicked


    Rescued Dodson

  • Is This a Friend?


    Met Black Rabbit

  • Not An Ordinary Rock


    Defeated the Rockpile Mimic

  • Walk Without Rhythm


    Defeated Selt, Queen of Sand

  • Delving In Delvemore


    Entered the Delvemore Dungeon

  • They Were Only Peasants


    Died 10 times

  • Deal with the Demon


  • Staying Positive

    Rescued Dibble

  • A Dangerous Ally

    Rescued Lillyth

  • Heart of Darkness

    Rescued Kurtz

  • A Friend In Need

    Assisted Beltrame

  • A Loyal Customer

    Joined the Pilfer Loyalty Program

  • Stone Is Never Just Stone

    Defeated the Dungeon Gargoyles

  • A Pebble in the Road

    Defeated Mortar, Charged Golem

  • You Attack The Darkness

    Defeated Noori, Spectre of Darkness

  • Forbid-din Halls

    Entered the Halls of Din

  • The Cat and the Toad

  • I Found A Shortcut

  • Belt Loop

    Expanded the potion slot once

  • Bandolier

    Fully expanded the potion slots

  • A Very Loyal Customer

    Completely expanded the Pilfer shop

  • Ready For Business

    Completely expanded Dibble's shop

  • Perfectly Balanced

    Fully upgraded the counter weight

  • Trusty Pickaxe

    Fully upgraded the pickaxe

  • Foxy

    Fully upgraded the tunic

  • Like a Glove

    Fully upgraded the gloves

  • Maximum Integrity

    Fully upgraded the goldsack

  • It's Pronounced Nuclear

    Fully upgraded the bombs

  • Artisan I

    Crafted a new relic

  • Artisan II

    Crafted 10 new relics

  • Artisan III

    Crafted 20 new relics

  • Chemist I

    Crafted a new potion

  • Chemist II

    Crafted 10 new potions

  • Scribe I

    Learned a new blessing

  • Scribe II

    Learned 10 new blessings

  • A Mere Statistic

    Died 50 times

  • A Slightly Larger Statistic

    Died 100 times

  • Money Grubbers

    Thwarted 500 pilfers

  • Easy Come, Easy Go

    Lost 5,000 gold to pilfers

  • #Blessed

    Defeated a Hoarding Pilfer

  • Did You Read Them First?

    Destroyed 20 signs

  • Patron I

    Spent 10,000 gold at shops

  • Patron II

    Spent 50,000 gold at shops

  • Patron III

    Spent 100,000 gold at shops

  • Key Hoarder

    Held 99 keys at once

  • Bomb Hoarder

    Held 99 bombs at once

  • They Weren't Going to Use It

    Peeped 10 skeletons

  • Defiler of the Dead

    Peeped 100 skeletons

  • A True Adventurer

  • Good Boys

  • Demolitionist

  • Spelunker

  • I Was Saving That

  • Stop, Drop, and Roll... in Water

    Put yourself out in water

  • Tastes Better This Way

    Ate cooked food for the first time

  • Piracy

    Stole an item from the shop

  • Never Tell Me the Odds

    Had something popcorn 5 times in a row

  • Purified

    Cleansed a curse for the first time

  • Shopception

  • Careful Planning

    Transmuted 3 Relics at the same time using Transmutagen

  • Glutton for Punishment

    Healed 1,000 hp using food in one run

  • Why Can't I Hold All These Potions?

    Held 3 of the same potion at the same time

  • Tempting Fate

    Had 6 curses active at the same time

  • Supermarket Sweep

    Bought every item in a fully expanded shop

  • Worm Tamer

    Defeated Selt, Queen of Sand while Rogue's Ultimatum is applied

  • Destroyer of Darkness

    Defeated Noori, Spectre of Darkness while Rogue's Ultimatum is applied

  • Thunderstruck

    Defeated Mortar, Charged Golem while Rogue's Ultimatum is applied

  • Hail To The King

    Defeated Selt, Mortar, Noori, Ponzu, and Seer with the same peasant

  • Everyone Be Cool, This is a Robbery

  • Behind the Bookcase

    Discovered Griswold, the Collector

  • Breeder I

    Hatched a new egg

  • Breeder II

    Hatched 5 new eggs

  • Familiar with Familiars

    Raise a familiar to maximum level

  • Artisan IV

    Crafted 30 new relics

  • It's a Secret to Everyone

  • All that Glitters is Not Gold

    Entered the Shimmering Caverns

  • An Unlikely Alliance

  • Hydra Slayer

    Defeated Ponzu, Scaled Assembly

  • A Herculean Labor

    Defeated Ponzu, Scaled Assembly while Rogue's Ultimatum is applied

  • Challenge Accepted

    Lifted the Summoning Stone for the first time

  • Hurt Me Plenty

    Lifted the Summoning Stone 10 times

  • Let's Suffer Together

    Lifted the Summoning Stone 30 times

  • Break on Through (To the Othermine)

    Discovered the Othermine

  • King for a Day

    Completed a run of the Othermine

  • Streaking

    Completed 3 runs of Othermine without dying

  • Soul Restored

  • The Naked and Famous

    Completed an Othermine run without upgrades from the antechamber chest or shops

  • Master Swordsman

  • Upstanding Credit

  • Beheaded and Betailed

    Defeated Seer, World's Heart

  • Destroyer of Worlds

    Defeated Seer, World's Heart while Rogue's Ultimatum is applied

  • Hot Hot Heat

    Entered the Golden Core

  • Peasants do what Bathcan't

    Entered the Golden Core before defeating Ponzu

  • Overthrown

  • Hexcellent

    Completed a run with at least 2 hexes