Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is a game where you play as a Dad and your goal is to meet and romance other hot Dads. Are you ready? Hi ready, I'm Dad.
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  • Dreamiest Daddy

    Go on every date with every dad.

  • Soft Boy

    Go on all Brian dates.

  • Interview With the Vampire

    Go on all Damien dates.

  • Asiago-getter

    Go on all Hugo dates.

  • Keg-Stand Champion

    Go on all Craig dates.

  • Margarita Zone

    Go on all Joseph dates.

  • King of Carrot Flowers

    Go on all Mat dates.

  • Knife Dad

    Go on all Robert dates.

  • Catch of the day

    Earn a match fishing score of 2000

  • Yo Ho Ho Ho

    Earn 18 hole-in-ones at pirate mini golf.

  • Welcome to the Neighborhood!

    Successfully complete chapter one.

  • World's Best Dad

    Get good Amanda ending.

  • World's Okayest Dad

    Get bad Amanda ending.

  • Save Ferris

  • Cannonball

  • Bad Dad

    Slept with Robert on the first night.

  • Panic! at the Disco

  • Let Amanda Say [CENSORED]

  • Escape from Margarita Zone