For The King

For The King is a strategic RPG that blends tabletop and roguelike elements in a challenging adventure that spans the realms. Set off on a single player experience or play cooperatively both online and locally.
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  • Progress

  • All that glitters

    Purge the Glittering Mines

  • Penny saver

    Have 300 Gold

  • Pearl diver

    Clear 5 Sea Caves in 1 game

  • Payment please

    Complete 1 Side Quest

  • Protector of the Gods

    Defeat the Foul Priestess

  • Fuhgeddaboudit

  • Undead killer

  • Mind over matter

  • Up up and away

  • Easy peasy

  • Hero of Fahrul

  • Legend of Fahrul

  • Amazing!

    Solve the King's Maze

  • The Mummy's Curse

    Purge the Buried Temple

  • Spelunker

    Clear a Cave

  • Drain the swamp

    Clear the Flooded Crypt

  • Prison break

    Escape the Mage Dungeon

  • What a view!

    Reach the top of Harazuel

  • It's getting hot in here

    Survive the Lava Dungeon

  • Order from Chaos

  • Such a pity...

    First party wipe

  • Field medic

    Revive a party member

  • Critical fail

    Break a weapon

  • Side business

    Complete 50 Side Quests

  • Scrooge

    Have 1500 Gold

  • Miser

    Have 5000 Gold

  • No sweat

  • End of the rainbow

    Defeat Lucky

  • Paying the toll

    Defeat the Bandit King

  • Not so funny anymore

    Defeat the Royal Droll

  • Instant karma

    Defeat the Hangman

  • He's on fire!

    Defeat Coal Heart

  • Your time is up

    Defeat the Old One

  • Pay tribute

    Honor 3 Stone Heros

  • Honor the dead

    Honor 15 Stone Heros

  • Lest we forget

    Honor 50 Stone Heros

  • Sushi chef

    Kill the Kraken

  • Not this time

    Kill a thief attempting to flee

  • Chosen one

    Kill 1000 Enemies

  • Beastmaster

    Defeat 100 Beastmen

  • So many bones

    Smash 150 Skellys

  • Do you ever feel bad?

    Murder 30 Hags

  • Tri-Triclops

    Defeat 3 Triclops

  • I hate mimics

    Defeat 10 Mimics

  • Rock n' roll

    Topple 15 Crag Monsters

  • Pick on someone your own size

    Crush 25 Imps

  • Secret shopper

    Unlock 1 item from the Lore Store

  • Would you like a receipt with that?

    Unlock 20 items from the Lore Store

  • All sales are final

    Unlock 40 items from the Lore Store

  • Dragon Slayer

  • Till death do us part

    Defeat the Yeti, free her "prisoner"

  • Ice and Fire

    Unlock the armory

  • Sally forth!

    Break a sieged town

  • Thumpity thump thump

    Kill 5 Snowmen

  • The morning after

    Help Hildebrant retrace his steps

  • Rock and a hard place

    Defeat Deimos

  • Clear skies ahead

    Defeat Disciple

  • Put that in your pipe

    Use 100 herbs

  • Sweet tooth

    Use 10 candies

  • Just the tip

    Enter Hildebrant's Cellar

  • That's Deep

    Reach the bottom of Hildebrant's Cellar

  • Double Deep

    Reach the Inferno

  • Gold Digger

    Win a game of Gold Rush

  • X Marks the Spot

  • Wet 'N Wild

  • Lost and Found

    Find Captain Greenbeard's Ship

  • Land Ho!

  • Swan Song

    Defeat the Songstress

  • Something's Fishy

    Kill 30 Fishfolk

  • Boomshakalaka

    Kill 10 enemies with Firearms

  • Boom goes the dynamite.

    Get killed by a suicidal enemy

  • Intergalactic Planetary

  • Are you not entertained?

  • The Floor is Lava

  • Welcome to the Jungle

  • I Hate Snakes

  • An apple a day...