Kingdom: New Lands

Kingdom: New Lands builds upon the award-winning gameplay and mystery of Kingdom by introducing an abundance of new content to the IGF-nominated title while maintaining the simplicity and depth that legions of monarchs have come to experience and enjoy.
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  • On the Second Day I Got a Gift.


    On the second day you got free walls.

  • By the Sixth Day I Was Rich.


    By the sixth day you had more gold than you could carry.

  • Day V


    Survive day 5.

  • Maiden Voyage


    Build the boat and escape the first land before day 10.

  • Birth of a Reign


    Win your first game.

  • On the First Day I Built an Army.

    On the first day you recruited eight archers.

  • On the Third Day I Lit a Fire.

    On the third day you started your camp.

  • On the Fourth Day We Had a Feast.

    By the fourth day you hunted 20 or more deer.

  • For Five Days I Turned the Other Cheek.

    For five days you didn't kill anything.

  • By the Seventh Day I Cleared an Acre.

    By the seventh day you cleared an acre of land.

  • On the Eighth Day I Fumbled.

    Until the eighth day you never dropped a coin on the ground.

  • On the Ninth Day I First Ran.

    Until the ninth day you never galloped.

  • On The Tenth Day We Fought Back!

    By the tenth day you destroyed a portal.

  • Day X

    Survive day 10.

  • Day XV

    Survive day 15.

  • Day XX

    Survive day 20.

  • Day XXV

    Survive day 25.

  • Day XXX

    Survive day 30.

  • Day XXXV

    Survive day 35.

  • Day XL

    Survive day 40.

  • Day XLV

    Survive day 45.

  • Day L

    Survive day 50.

  • Day LX

    Survive day 60.

  • Day LXX

    Survive day 70.

  • Day LXXX

    Survive day 80.

  • Day XC

    Survive day 90.

  • Day C

    Survive day 100.

  • Smooth Sailing

    Build the boat and escape the second land before day 15.

  • Stormy Waters

    Build the boat and escape the third land before day 20.

  • Reef the Main

    Build the boat and escape the fourth land before day 25.

  • All Hands on Deck

    Build the boat and escape the fifth land before day 30.

  • Interior Decoration

    Earn some antlers to decorate your coat of arms.

  • Heraldic Achievement

    Have a reign that spans five lands.

  • Crowned

    Escape the final land and earn the crown.