Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War

Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War brings you to a world of terror and violence. Four factions will engage in a brutal war for dominance over the planet’s resources. In the first turn-based 4X strategy game set in Warhammer 40,000 you will lead one of four unique factions.
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  • We Have Tanks On Our Side

    Win as the Astra Militarum.

  • Innocence Is No Defence

    Execute a coward.

  • Teching No Prisoners

    Finish the Astra Militarum story.

  • Dictum Administratum

    Start an Astra Militarum city edict.

  • Where It All Starts

    Found a city.

  • Second Foundation

    Found a second city.

  • Breaking Ground

    Construct a building.

  • Land Grab

    Acquire a tile.

  • There Are Only Warriors

    Produce a unit.

  • I Need A Hero

    Recruit a hero.

  • A Little Knowledge ...

    Research a technology.

  • An STC?!

    Research all technologies with any one faction.

  • Airstrip One

    Develop a city to 25 loyalty or more.

  • Top Clearance

    Clear a tile.

  • Know It Vaul

  • Prime Mover

    Explore the whole map.

  • Rogue Trader

  • The Living Stone

    Ian got you to capture an artefact.

  • Planting The Flag

    Capture an outpost.

  • Nothing But A Hound Dog

    Kill some Kroot Hounds.

  • Primal Rage

    Eliminate a faction.

  • Life, But Not As We Know It

    Eliminate all native life on Gladius.

  • Super Trooper

    Attain the highest level with a unit.

  • Devil May Cry

  • The Walls Came Tumblin' Down

    Destroy an enemy city.

  • A Commissar's Solution

    Kill an enslaved unit.

  • An Ethereal's Solution

    Free an enslaved unit.

  • Entry To Eternal War

    Finish a multiplayer game with another human player.

  • The Players That Team Together

    Start a multiplayer game with a team of human players against a team of AI opponents.

  • C'tan Opener

  • Safe From The Old Ones

    Finish the Necron story.

  • A Test of Metal

    Win as the Necrons.

  • Wake Up, Sleepyheads

    Use rapid rise.

  • Intergalactic Headbutt

    Finish the Ork story.

  • Another Green World

    Win as the Orks.


    Reach maximum Waaagh!.

  • Pyrrhic Victory

    Finish the Space Marine story.

  • The Emperor Protects

    Win as the Space Marines.

  • Special Delivery

    Deploy a Space Marine chapter tactic.

  • Pugio

    Win a solo game on medium difficulty or higher.

  • Sica

    Win a solo game on hard difficulty or higher.

  • Falx

    Win a solo game on very hard difficulty or higher.

  • Gladius

    Win a solo game on ultra hard difficulty or higher.

  • Spatha

    Win a solo game on impossible difficulty.

  • Beardy

    Win with every faction.

  • Skulls For The Skull Throne

    Kill the Lord of Skulls.

  • Nothing Stops The Storm Troopers

    Enter difficult terrain with a unit of Tempestus Scions.

  • In The Shadow of Death

    Kill a unit of Neophyte Hybrids while they are shrouded.

  • Immortal Kombat

    Kill a unit of Guardsmen with a unit of Immortals from range 2.

  • Snazzy Digs

    Attack with Flash Gitz without moving.

  • Taxi!

    Disembark a unit from a Land Raider.

  • The Doom

    Finish the Tyranid story.

  • Roadside Picnic

    Win as the Tyranids.

  • We Can Rebuild Him

    Reclaim a unit.

  • Roughneck

  • Fireside Fratricide

    Finish a hotseat game.

  • Who Guards the Guard?

    Win a solo game on impossible difficulty against Astra Militarum on a huge map.

  • Blessed Sacrifice

    The Chaos Gods take their pawns' lives with as much glee as their foes'.

  • A Whole New World

    Finish the Chaos Space Marines story.

  • Warmaster

    Win as the Chaos Space Marines.

  • Apotheosis

  • Apocolocyntosis

  • Ram Raider

    Even the Empire's mightiest war machines are fodder to a Chaos Lord

  • The Sound of Unsilence

    Prevent 3 units from doing overwatch attacks with a Chaos Rhino with full cargo.

  • Killing Joke

    Heal a unit with Bloated.

  • In Death, Life

    Sacrifice Chaos Cultists to boost growth on a city with an active Rite of Chaos and Our Lives for the Gods researched.

  • I'll Huff And I'll Puff...

    Destroy a fortification with a Maulerfiend.

  • Something Wicked This Way Comes

    Use Master of Possession's Incursion while under the effects of Venomcrawler's Reservoir of Daemonic Energy.

  • A Good Servant

    These icons shine brightly in the Warp, gathering the malefic energies of Chaos to those who bear them.

  • Empty Nest

    Maintain 3 Void Shield Generators on the field at once.

  • Down To Earth

    Kill a superheavy flyer with a Gauss Pylon.

  • A Long Shot, But It Might Just Work

    Kill an enemy unit with the Aquila Macro Cannon at maximum range.

  • Super-Brolly 2000

    Use a Big Mek's shield to reduce ranged damage taken by your unit.

  • What Is Yours, Is Mine

    Kill 10 units with Spore Mines.

  • Consequentialism In Action

    Finish the Tau story.

  • I Did It, My Way

    Win as the Tau.

  • For Great Space Communism!

    As Tau, convert 10 units to your side.

  • John Stuart Mill Was Particularly Ill

  • Utopia

    As Tau, build every type of building in a city, with no duplicates.

  • Supporting Fire Warriors

    As Tau, kill 10 enemy units that are next to other friendly units with overwatch.

  • The Golden Drone

    Create 20 drones.

  • Any Support In A Storm

    Install 10 support system.

  • It Takes Tau

    Start a match in a team with another Tau player.

  • Monat

    Attain the highest level with a Fire Warrior.

  • Farsighted

    Win the game with a Commander on the field.

  • Argon Genesis Devilalion

    Kill a Dreadnought unit with a battlesuit unit.

  • Suited and Booted

    Have 10 battlesuit units on the field at once.

  • I Am Kroot

  • Crown of Thorns

    Kill an enemy Psyker with a Noctilith Crown.

  • Don't Spare The Horses

    Transport a Lord Commissar with Aura of Discipline in a Chimera.

  • You Call That A Scythe?

    Stomp a Carnifex with a Scythed Hierodule.

  • It Was Beauty Killed The Beast

    Kill a Scythed Hierodule with a flyer.

  • Weapons of Mass Construction

    Construct 5 Tidewall Gunrigs in 1 turn.

  • Yarrick Did It With One Arm

    Kill a Warboss with a Lord Commissar

  • Tau Can Play At That Game

  • Dark Messiah

    Kill a unit with an Ethereal.

  • Brain Food

    Kill a hero with a Lictor's overwatch.

  • Drive Me Closer, I Want To Hit Them With My Sword

    Kill a unit of Ork Boyz with a Tank Commander's roll over them ability.

  • Stuck In The Middle With You

    Blind 5 units with Warp Talons in a single jump.

  • Rock Around The Clock

    Turn all land tiles on the map into bedrock.

  • Haru, Is It Me You're Looking For?

    Win a solo game by only creating Haruspex units.

  • There Is No War

    Win a solo game without killing any units that are not headquarters.

  • There Is Only War

    Kill 40000 units.

  • The Anvil of the Gods

    Finish the Craftworld Aeldari story.

  • Rage Against The Dying of The Light

    Win as the Craftworld Aeldari.

  • Rhana Dandra

    Win a solo game on impossible difficulty as Craftworld Aeldari on a huge map against a team of 2 AI Chaos Space Marines.

  • Battle Focused

    Move a unit after using an action.

  • Webway Guardian

    As Craftworld Aeldari, win a game without any Webway Gates getting destroyed.

  • Where There's A Web, There's A Way

    Play a game where a Webway Redoubt is constructed on each Webway Gate.

  • Burnt Umbra

    Kill an Umbra with a Flame or Melta weapon.

  • Autarchy In The UK

    Buff 5 units with Autarch's Assault.

  • Psychonautica

    Kill a unit with a Farseer's Mind War.

  • Fatal Refraction

    Kill a unit with a linked fire Fire Prism.

  • Blood For... The Other Blood God?

    Produce an Avatar of Khaine.

  • The Banshee's Call

    Affect 3 units with Howling Banshee's War Shout.

  • Scorpio and Orion

    Move a Scorpion side-by-side with an allied Wraithknight.

  • Mission Improbable

    Win a solo game on impossible difficulty by finishing the story quests.

  • Dragged Back In

    Restore a unit's morale with Laurels of Command.

  • Militarily Distanced

    Win a multiplayer game against a human opponent.

  • Zhuko Was Here

    Win a game as ZhukoDim, but without playing.

  • Omniscient? Omnissiah Ain't

    Finish the Adeptus Mechanicus story.

  • Life on Mars

    Win as the Adeptus Mechanicus.

  • You Said The Magic Word

    Reprogram 10 Kastelan Robots.

  • Citadel Miniatures

    Construct 20 buildings adjacent to your headquarters tile.

  • Xenarite Heretic

    Power Surge a tile with 4 Librarium Omnis buildings.

  • Canonically Faster

  • Metal Anthem

    Use a Canticle of the Omnissiah on 10 units.

  • ...The Harder They Fall

    Attack a 10 armour unit with a Graviton weapon.

  • Shock Jock

    Take damage while Siphoned Vigour is active.

  • Master of Machines

    As Adeptus Mechanicus, repair 100 units.

  • The Mouse That Roared

  • Adeptus Monotonous

    As Adeptus Mechanicus, win a solo game on impossible difficulty by producing units only from Sub-Cloisters.

  • Chapter Approved

    Not as Space Marines, win a solo game on impossible difficulty without founding a second city.

  • Hero Worship

    Win a multiplayer game by producing only heroes.

  • The Final Countdown

    Finish the Adepta Sororitas story.

  • Enforcers of the Faith

    Win as the Adepta Sororitas.

  • Archaeologist

    As Adepta Sororitas, make sure all Holy Sites on the map are explored.

  • Miracle Maker

    Perform 100 Acts of Faith.

  • Ain't So Scared Anymore

    As the Adepta Sororitas, kill an enemy unit with a unit that has the Oath of Faith trait.

  • It's Avenging Time!

    Kill an enemy unit with an Avenger Strike Fighter that has the trait Avenging Zeal or Bloody Resolution.

  • Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

    Kill a Knight Crusader with a Cerastus Knight-Lancer.

  • The Purge

    As Adepta Sororitas, win a solo game on impossible difficulty against Necrons, Craftworld Aeldari, T'au, Tyranids, Chaos Space Marines and Orks.

  • Never Give Up!

    As Adepta Sororitas, win a solo game on impossible difficulty without breaking the morale of any of your units.

  • That's a Lot of Talking

    Increase the armour of allied Adepta Sororitas units by a total of 100 points by using "Stirring Rhetoric".

  • Witch Hunter

    Kill a Psyker unit with a Canoness.

  • Steam Cooking

  • Succession Guaranteed

    Attain the highest level with a Space Marine Scout unit.

  • Serial Winner

    Win 10 multiplayer games.

  • Brother Get The Flamer—The Heavy. Flamer

    Kill 100 units with flame weapons.

  • Righteous Executioner

    Kill 3 heroes with Saint Celestine.

  • How The Tables Have Turned

    Finish the Drukhari story.

  • Delightful Sufferings

    Win as the Drukhari.

  • Explosive Delivery

    As Drukhari, deal 20 damage in one attack with a unit with Raider Assault.

  • Secured Merchandise

    As Drukhari, control all outposts.

  • Supreme Ruler

    As Drukhari, gather 1000 influence in one game.

  • Mortal Beauty

    Kill 3 units with a Succubus with one use of the Whirling Death ability.

  • Multitasking

    Kill 2 units in a single turn with an Archon.

  • Troublemaker Twins

    As Drukhari, win a game with an allied Craftworld Aeldari on Ranger difficulty against a team of Adepta Sororitas, Adeptus Mechanicus, Astra Militarum and Space Marines on impossible difficulty. This can also be completed in multiplayer.

  • Poison Supporters Gathering

    As Drukhari, win a solo game by producing only units with poisoned weapons (Haemonculus, Hellions, Kabalite Warriors, Razorwing Jetfighter, Succubus, Venom, Wracks).

  • Five Star Shipping

    Fill a Tantalus with allied non-Drukhari units.

  • Friendly Fire For The Greater Good

    Kill both an allied unit and an enemy unit at once with the XV107 R'Varna using the Nova Electromagnetic Shockwave ability.

  • So Close Yet So Different

    Kill a Kataphron Destroyers unit with a Kataphron Breachers unit.

  • Battle Royale

    Win a solo game against 10 AIs on a tiny map.

  • Bug On Bug Warfare