Surviving Mars

There will be challenges to overcome. Execute your strategy and improve your colony’s chances of survival while unlocking the mysteries of this alien world. Are you ready? Mars is waiting for you.
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  • Cubism

    Complete The Power of Three Mystery

  • Space Invaders

    Complete the Dredgers mystery

  • Mirror, mirror...

    Complete the Spheres mystery

  • Swan Song

    Complete the Inner Light mystery

  • Sentience 2.0

    Complete the Artificial Intelligence mystery

  • Whistleblower

    Complete the Marsgate mystery

  • The Beanstalk

    Build the Space Elevator

  • Snow Globe

    Build the Geoscape Dome

  • It's Always Sunny on Mars

    Build the Artificial Sun

  • Alpha Scientist

    Build the Omega Telescope

  • The Rabbit Hole

    Build the Mohole Mine

  • Cast in Concrete

    Build the Excavator

  • What is Real?

    Build Project Morpheus

  • Bubble Wrap

    Build a Dome

  • There and Back Again

    Refuel a Rocket

  • Spacey Food

    Harvest Food on Mars

  • Where No Man has Gone Before

    Analyze an Anomaly

  • Marvin the Martian

    First child on Mars

  • Good News, Everyone!

    Pass the Colony Approval stage

  • Space Communism

    Reach 250 Colonists

  • Multiplanet Species

    Reach 1000 Colonists

  • The Boundaries of Knowledge

    Research all non-Breakthrough Technologies

  • Can't Stop the Signal

    Scan all Sectors

  • The Final Frontier

    Deep scan all Sectors

  • How Much is a Googol?

    Reach $100,000 M

  • Wubba, lubba, dub, dub!

    Build 1000 buildings

  • You can't take the Sky from Me!

    Land 50 Rockets on Mars in a single playthrough

  • In the High Tower

    Build a Dome Spire

  • Open the Pod Bay Doors

    Build a Shuttle Hub

  • A Shooting Star

    Shoot down a meteorite

  • Dream of a Green Mars

    Reach 200 Vegans

  • Marsopolis

    Reach 100 Colonists living in a single Dome

  • Assisted Self-Improvement

    Treat 50 Colonists in a Sanatorium

  • For the Benefit of All

    Play as USA and research all technologies in the Engineering tech-tree before Sol 100

  • Building a Better Future

    Play as Blue Sun Corporation and export 500 units of Rare Metals to Earth before Sol 100

  • Interesting Times

    Play as China and reach a population of 200 before Sol 100

  • In the Service of Humankind

    Play as India and have 5 Domes before Sol 100

  • Because we Care

    Play as Europe and research 5 Breakthrough Technologies before Sol 100

  • Aren't they Cute?

    Play as SpaceY and control 200 Drones before Sol 100

  • Gagarin's Legacy

    Play as Russia and extract 10000 resource units from Deposits before Sol 100

  • The New Ark

    Play as the Church of the New Ark and have 100 people born on Mars before Sol 100

  • Perfect Moment

    Have a Colonist with all four stats at maximum

  • A Better Planet

    Have an Earthsick Colonist who decided to stay on Mars

  • Posthuman

    Have a Colonist with 2 Rare traits

  • The Watney Challenge

    Pass the Colony Approval stage with a single Founder

  • S.P.E.C.I.A.L.

    Have a Colonist with 5 Perks

  • The New Wonders of the World

    Construct 5 different Wonders in a single playthrough

  • The Positronic Man

    Have a Biorobot Colonist

  • Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

    Have a Dome populated by at least 50 Biorobot Colonists

  • Immortality of a Kind

    Have a citizen that was reconstructed by Project Phoenix

  • Space Shopping

    Play as USA and have a Geoscape Dome with a Megamall before Sol 100

  • Tao

    Play as China and have Tai-chi Gardens in 10 Domes before Sol 100

  • Space Capitalism

    Play as Blue Sun Corporation and produce $100,000 M Funding before Sol 100

  • Europa Universalis

    Play as Europe and reach daily production of 10,000 Research before Sol 100

  • Waste Not, Want Not

    Play as India and convert 3000 Waste Rock to useful materials before Sol 100

  • The Pace of Progress

    Play as SpaceY and complete all Sponsor Goals on challenge rating 500% or higher

  • No Pain, No Gain

    Play as Russia and have 500 colonists on challenge rating 500% or higher

  • The Garden of Eden

    Play as Church of the new Ark and have 250 Colonists at 70+ Comfort before Sol 100

  • Bushido

    Play as Japan and train 200 specialists before Sol 100

  • Gold Rush

    Play as Brazil and convert 2000 Waste Rock to Rare Metals before Sol 100

  • Move this Mountain!

    Have a RC Dozer complete a landscaping project

  • Seeds of Life

    Harvest Seeds on Mars

  • Red Button

    Nuke the Polar Caps

  • Tears of Joy

    Have water rain on Mars

  • Fear my Botany Powers!

    Plant a tree

  • Now we need ducks

    Have a lake with liquid water

  • Detox

    Endure the Toxic Rains

  • Skies of Blue

    Create blue skies by terraforming

  • Creator of Worlds

    Max all Terraforming Parameters

  • Capital Achievement

    Construct a Capital City

  • Asteroid Hopping

    Have a single Asteroid Lander visit 10 asteroids before returning to Mars

  • Into the Unknown

    Go game over as your last colonists leaves Mars behind to take a trip into the great unknown

  • Job’s done

    Fully develop all buried wonders in the underground, before sol 100

  • Mission Success

    Successfully return from an asteroid

  • Multitasking

    Visit 3 asteroids simultaneously

  • Mysteries of Mars

    Fully develop a buried wonder to benefit your colony

  • The Perfect Run

    Retrieve all resources from an asteroid & leave nothing behind

  • Space Dwarves

    All your colonists live underground (at least 200 colonists)

  • Space Explorer

    Complete all techs in the recon & expansion tech tree

  • Will they hold?

    Prevent 100 Cave-ins in total from Underground Marsquakes