Orcs Must Die! Unchained

Orcs Must Die! Unchained takes the award-winning Orcs Must Die! action tower defense game to a whole new level with team-based gameplay! Bust skulls with your best pals in PvE co-op Survival, or put your teamwork to the real test in Sabotage Mode!
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  • Challenge Challenger

    Win a weekly challenge.

  • Part Party

    Slot 1 part into 5 different traps.

  • Coin Collector

    Earn 150,000 coin in 1 match.

  • Shoot Them Down

    Kill 50 minions while they are in the air.

  • Home Sweet Home

    Place 100 guardians in their home locations.

  • Slots Machine

    Slot 3 trap parts into 1 trap.

  • Freeloader

    Win 1 match with all 3 free starter heroes.

  • Fearless Leader

    Win 5 games as a party leader.

  • Rift Buster

    Destroy or help to destroy 100 unstable rifts.

  • Power Pick-Me-Ups

    Pick up 100 Unchained drops.

  • Trapping Talent

    Place 10,000 traps.

  • Ring of Fire

    Catch 75 minions on fire at the same time with Smolder.

  • 500 Helpings

    Eat 500 Delicious Meals as Bloodspike.

  • Pardon My Reach

    Kill 250 minions ensnared by Reach of Roots with Ivy.

  • Good CATCH!

    Deal 2000 damage to an enemy with a single CATCH! by Hogarth.

  • Moneymaker

    Pick up 1000 coin bags with Dobbin.

  • Out of Sight

    Stay in Prowl for a total of 60min as Midnight.

  • Very Blessed

    Pick up 250 mana orbs with Stinkeye.

  • Book Ended

    Knock 1,000 minions into battleground hazards with Zoey's Book Club.

  • Soul Collecting

    Collect 500 soul stacks in a single match with Oziel.

  • Touched by Can't Touch This

    Deal 20,000 in damage to minions with Can't Touch This.

  • Beauty and Beast

    Deal 200,000 damage in a single match with Bionka.

  • Air-Blackpaw

    Kill a minion in midair with Blackpaw's Pounce.

  • Combo Quest

    Score a 15x or higher combo.

  • Un-Unchained

    Five star a master or rift lord battleground without any players going Unchained.

  • Forever Unchained

    Be Unchained for a total of 1 hour.

  • Empty Pockets

    Spend 200,000,000 in coin.

  • Improvised Weapons

    Kill 5,000 minions with environmental traps.

  • Hazard Play

    Kill 1,000 minions by knocking them into battleground hazards.

  • Minion Overkill

    Kill 100,000 minions.

  • Landslide

    Roll 250,000 meters in battle with Tundra's Avalanche.

  • So Bossy

    Kill 500 boss minions.

  • Kill-netic

    Kill 30 enemies within 1s of using Gabriella's Kinetic Pulse.

  • Star Player

    Earn 50 stars from weekly challenges.

  • Toughing It Out

    Defeat 15 consecutive waves in Endless.

  • Going the Distance

    Defeat 25 consecutive waves in Endless.

  • Crushing Waves

    Defeat 35 consecutive waves in Endless.

  • Endless Domination

    Defeat 45 consecutive waves in Endless.

  • Month-aversary

    Claim 30-day login reward.

  • Great Opener

    Open 100 chests.

  • Made of Stars

    Earn 200 stars.

  • Wraith Wrath

    Deal 1,000 damage with Oziel's Wraith Surge.

  • Iced, Baby

    Kill 1,000 frozen enemies with Tundra.

  • Mr. Freeze

    Freeze 5,000 enemies with Tundra.

  • Kobolds on Strike

    Kill 100 kobolds with Midnight's Shadow Swipe.

  • What Hit Them

    Kill 500 stunned enemies with Midnight.

  • Simply Slamming

    Kill 5,000 enemies with Slam It Down.

  • Top Tier

    Upgrade 20 traps to tier 7.

  • Star Killer

    Earn 5 stars on every map.

  • Star Search

    Earn 3 or more stars on every rift lord battleground.

  • Shoot for the Stars

    Earn 3 or more stars on every war mage battleground.

  • Rift Lord Ready

    Unlock rift lord difficulty.

  • War Mage Warm-Up

    Unlock war mage difficulty.

  • Master Motivation

    Unlock master difficulty.

  • Victory Nap Earned

    Complete the Prologue.

  • Big Bang

    Kill 150 enemies in 1 match with Dobbin's Spare Dynamite.


    Earn 50 stacks of ANGRY! at once with Hogarth.

  • Pounce and Bounce

    Use Blackpaw's Pounce 1,000 times during battle.

  • Skill Shots

    Kill 500 enemies by knocking them into hazards with Ivy's Penetrating Arrow.

  • Frequent Frenzier

    Use Bloodspike's Homicidal Frenzy 30x during battle.

  • Burn Them Down

    Deal 50,000 damage with Smolder's Incinerate.

  • Deep Fried

    Deal damage to 1,000 enemies with Smolder using naphtha.

  • In a Blink

    Use Gabriella's Blink 500x in battle.

  • Adoring Fans

    Mesmerize 50 enemies with a single Devious Allure from Gabriella.

  • Faces Down

    Kill 50 enemies with a single In Your Faces from Maximilian.

  • Stunningly Handsome

    Stun 10,000 enemies.

  • Geared Up

    Deal 50,000 damage with gear.

  • Extra Crispy

    Deal damage with 1,000 gallons of boiling oil.

  • Ready to Rock

    Kill 100 enemies with boulders.

  • Chandelier Shatterer

    Kill 100 enemies with chandeliers.

  • Soldier Slaughter

    Kill 10,000 soldiers.

  • So Over Ogres

    Kill 5,000 ogres.

  • Archer Assault

    Kill 1,000 Archers.

  • Kobold Cataclysm

    Kill 10,000 kobolds.

  • Orc Onslaught

    Kill 10,000 orcs.

  • Starstruck

    Earn 3 or more stars on every master battleground.

  • Loving Healing

    Heal 1,000,000 damage.

  • Ironsides

    Take 1,000,000 damage in 1 match.

  • Little Millionaire

    Earn 5,000,000 coin as Dobbin.

  • Soul Searching

    Collect 2,000 soul stacks in 1 match with Oziel.

  • Rift Rippin'

    Destroy 50 unstable rifts with Bionka.

  • Kobold Crushin'

    Kill 1,000 kobolds with Bionka.

  • Anomalous Apocalypse

    Kill 1,000 enemies with Stinkeye's Arcane Anomaly.

  • Fatal Wounds

    Kill 1,000 wounded enemies with Blackpaw.

  • Second Tier

    Upgrade a trap to tier 2.

  • Rush and Crush

    Kill 500 enemies by knocking them into hazards with Temper's Bull Rush.

  • Bottled Up

    Reach max rage with Rage of the Forge 50x.

  • Wakey Wakey

    Resurrect 10 teammates with scroll of resurrection.

  • Scroll Loophole

    Prevent the loss of 50 rift points with scroll of the empty rift.

  • Firey Surprise

    Kill 500 enemies with Smolder's From the Ashes.

  • Bloody Business

    Gain 50 Bloodbath stacks as Bloodspike.

  • Ogre Overkill

    Kill 50 full-health ogres with Bloodspike's Stunning Execution.

  • Through and Through

    Hit 5,000 enemies with Ivy's penetrating arrow.

  • Gnoll Army

    Summon 100 gnolls during battle with Blackpaw.

  • Shortcut to Win

    Use Dobbin's Mineshaft Shortcut 200x in a match he wins.

  • Totem Toter

    Place 100 totems as Stinkeye.

  • Distance Dash

    Run 26.2 miles with Midnight's Dash and Slash during battle.

  • Undeclared

    Change magic school in battle 250x as Zoey.

  • Pet from Hell

    Kill 500 enemies with Zoey's pet, Feebee.

  • Henpecked

    Get stunned by Zoey's Chaos Tome backfiring 15x during battle.

  • Till It Hurts

    Deal 25,000 damage to Oziel using Oziel's Essence Siphon.

  • Reset Button

    Reset 5,000 traps as Gabriella

  • Amateur Saboteur

    Win 5 Sabotage matches.

  • Journeyman Saboteur

    Win 10 Sabotage matches.

  • Artisan Saboteur

    Win 25 Sabotage matches.

  • Master Saboteur

    Win 100 Sabotage matches.

  • In B4 Tubifore

    Summon Tubifore 100x.

  • Mercenary Mercy

    Summon a mercenary 125x.

  • Good Puppies

    Summon Kobold Pups 25x.

  • Infinitely Unstable

    Cast Unstable Rift Spell 75x.

  • Going Nuclear

    Cast The Bomb Spell 50x.

  • Around-The-Clock-Unchained

    Use Unchained Scroll 200x.

  • Get Swifty

    Summon Swiftyhooves 150x.

  • Sabotage 101

    Achieve level 5 to unlock Sabotage mode.

  • Poly-more

    Use Polymorph Chicken 75x.

  • Sabotage 1

    Win 1 game of Sabotage.

  • Sabotage 2

    Win 2 games of Sabotage.

  • Sabotage 4

    Win 4 games of Sabotage.

  • Trial Trainee

    Win 1 Chaos Trial game

  • Trial Templar

    Win 5 Chaos Trial games

  • Chaos Capable

    Win 15 Chaos Trial games

  • Herald of Havoc

    Clear any 50 Chaos Trial tiers.

  • Bouncy Bouncy Bombs

    Hit 5000 enemies with Deadeye's Bouncing Bomb.

  • Forever Infamous

    Obtain 1000 stacks of Infamy with Deadeye.

  • Move. NOW!

    Use Deadeye's "Outta the Way" ability 500x in combat.

  • Master Summoner

    Summon 100 rift shards with Cygnus.

  • Chaining Chain Lightning

    Kill 2500 minions with Cygnus's Chain Lightning ability.

  • Emperor's Reach

    Use Yi-Lin's Imperial Reach ability 100x in combat.

  • Tempest-est Strike

    Hit 2500 enemies with Yi-Lin's Tempest Strike ability.

  • Heavy Weapons

    Kill 2,500 enemies with Brass using Cannonball.

  • Joint Bank Account

    Pickup 500 of Dobbin's coins as Brass.

  • Scrap Collector

    Pickup 2,500 Scrap as Brass.