Stardew Valley

You've inherited your grandfather's old farm plot in Stardew Valley. Armed with hand-me-down tools and a few coins, you set out to begin your new life. Can you learn to live off the land and turn these overgrown fields into a thriving home?
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  • Greenhorn


    Earn 15,000g

  • Cowpoke


    Earn 50,000g

  • Homesteader


    Earn 250,000g

  • A New Friend


    Reach a 5-heart friend level with someone.

  • Moving Up


    Upgrade your house.

  • D.I.Y.


    Craft 15 different items.

  • Fisherman


    Catch 10 different fish.

  • Mother Catch


    Catch 100 fish.

  • Treasure Trove


    Donate 40 different items to the museum.

  • Gofer


    Complete 10 'Help Wanted' requests.

  • The Bottom


    Reach the lowest level of the mines.

  • Singular Talent


    Reach level 10 in a skill.

  • Millionaire

    Earn 1,000,000g

  • Legend

  • A Complete Collection

    Complete the museum collection.

  • Best Friends

    Reach a 10-heart friend level with someone.

  • The Beloved Farmer

    Reach a 10-heart friend level with 8 people.

  • Cliques

    Reach a 5-heart friend level with 4 people.

  • Networking

    Reach a 5-heart friend level with 10 people.

  • Popular

    Reach a 5-heart friend level with 20 people.

  • Cook

    Cook 10 different recipes.

  • Sous Chef

    Cook 25 different recipes.

  • Gourmet Chef

    Cook every recipe.

  • Living Large

    Upgrade your house to the maximum size.

  • Artisan

    Craft 30 different items.

  • Craft Master

    Craft every item.

  • Ol' Mariner

    Catch 24 different fish.

  • Master Angler

    Catch every fish.

  • A Big Help

    Complete 40 'Help Wanted' requests.

  • Polyculture

    Ship 15 of each crop.

  • Monoculture

    Ship 300 of one crop.

  • Full Shipment

    Ship every item.

  • Prairie King

    Beat 'Journey Of The Prairie King'.

  • Local Legend

    Restore the Pelican Town Community Center.

  • Joja Co. Member Of The Year

    Become a Joja Co. member and purchase all the community development perks.

  • Mystery Of The Stardrops

    Find every stardrop.

  • Fector's Challenge

  • Full House

    Get married and have two kids.

  • Master Of The Five Ways

    Reach level 10 in every skill.

  • Protector Of The Valley

    Complete all of the Adventure Guild Monster Slayer goals.

  • Well-Read

    Read every book.

  • Two Thumbs Up

    See a movie.

  • Blue Ribbon

    Get 1st place in the Stardew Valley Fair competition.

  • An Unforgettable Soup

    Delight the Governor.

  • Good Neighbors

    Help your forest neighbors grow their family.

  • Danger In The Deep

    Reach the bottom of the 'dangerous' mines.

  • Infinite Power

    Obtain the most powerful weapon.

  • Perfection

    Reach the summit.

  • A Distant Shore

    Reach Ginger Island.