Colony Survival

Colony Survival is a unique first-person strategy game developed by a two-man team. Build your own colony in a voxel world. Command guards, farmers, miners and other colonists. Defend your colony against the horde of monsters that attacks every night!
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  • The Very First Step

    Place a banner and start a colony

  • Craft Isn't Mine, It's For Colonists

    Recruit a Tinkerer

  • A Small Tribe

    Recruit 10 colonists

  • Rising Threat

    Unlocked the Merchant's Hub

  • Horn of Plenty

    Hold 100 Colony Points

  • Lockbox Time

    Hold 101+ Colony Points

  • Divine Saviour

    Hold 10+ Sanctity Points

  • A Small Village

    Recruit 100 colonists

  • Big Data

    Place a Statistics Board

  • It's a Trap!

    Place a Trapfixer

  • The Bronze Age

    Unlock the Bronze Age

  • Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

    Hold 1+ Astrolabe in the stockpile

  • How Hemp Is Meant To Be Used

    Hold 1+ Rope in the stockpile

  • Settlers

    Start an Outpost

  • Divine Deliciousness

    Hold 1+ Sacred Chicken Meal in the stockpile

  • Modern Texts

    Hold 1+ Book of Knowledge in the stockpile

  • The Miracle of Flight

    Place a Glider Launcher

  • Time Goes By

    Reach Day 100

  • Modern Solutions

    Hold 1+ Eyeglasses in the stockpile

  • Escalating Requirements

    Recruit 1 Chestmaker

  • Ups and Downs

    Hold 10 Elevator Shafts in the stockpile

  • Things Get Complex

    Hold 1+ Vial of Mineral Oil in the stockpile

  • Exponential Data Increase

    Recruit 1 Printing Press Operator

  • A Medium-Sized Town

    Recruit 500 Colonists

  • Fire At Will

    Recruit 1 Handcannon Guard

  • Freeze!

    Hold 1 Rope Trap in the stockpile

  • Mix And Match

    Hold 1 Luxury Garments in the stockpile

  • The Miracle of Explosions

    Hold 1 Launched Steel Glider in the stockpile

  • Speed It Up

    Hold 1 Steel Tools in the stockpile

  • Crunch Those Numbers

    Recruit 1 Tabulating Machine Operator

  • A King Among Lords

    Complete Prestige I Science

  • An Emperor Among Kings

    Complete Prestige V Science

  • The Most Important Goal

    Recruit 1000 Colonists

  • A Network Of Towns

    Build 4 Outposts

  • Money Money Money

    Hold 10.000 Colony Points

  • Watch The Clock

    Reach Day 250

  • Labor Shortage

    Reach -50 Unemployed Colonists

  • Lazy Colonists

    Reach 50 Unemployed Colonists

  • Tremendous Threat

    Reach Threat Level 500

  • Fixing The Modern World

    Hold 5 Machine Tools

  • You'll Never Go Hungry Again

    Reach 2500 Total Meals

  • Danger Zone

    Reach Threat Level 1500

  • The Cost Of Copper

    Consume 500 Copper Ingots in 24 hours

  • The Fires of Industry

    Consume 1500 Firewood in 24 hours

  • Amazing Arsenal

    Produce 1000 Crossbow Bolts in 24 hours

  • Mystical Forces

    Consume 100 Candles in 24 hours

  • More Dakka

    Consume 50 Lead Ingots in 24 hours

  • Magnum Opus

    Kill the strongest monster

  • Dibs

    Upgrade Banner Safe Zone Radius to the maximum

  • Time For Wisdom

    Hold 1+ Tablet of Ancient Wisdom in the stockpile