Survarium is a post-apocalyptic online FPS game. If you are looking for a shooter where skills matter, look no further! The opposing players and deadly anomalies will never stop you on the way to victory, right? Then start playing now for free!
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  • Warrior

    Kill 5000 opponents

  • Master of unarmed combat

    Kill 500 opponents in melee

  • Bull's Eye

    Kill 500 opponents with headshots

  • Support

    Assist in the murder of opponents of 500 times

  • Get down!

    Kill two enemies with one grenade

  • Predator

    Kill 500 opponents with bleeding

  • Saving of ammunition

    Kill two enemies with one bullet

  • By Surprise

    Kill an enemy while he's reloading

  • Fatal shot

    Kill an enemy with ricochet

  • Last effort

    Kill 5 opponents having less than 15% health during one life

  • Servant of Nature

    Kill an enemy while he is destroying the anomaly

  • From the Grave

    Kill the enemy after your death

  • Terrorist

    Kill two enemies with a grenade not letting it out of hand

  • Berserker

    Perform 15 killstreak

  • Thrower

    Kill 1000 opponents with throwing weapons

  • Sniper Weapons Master

    Kill 1000 opponents with sniper rifles

  • Assault Rifles Master

    Kill 1000 opponents with assault rifles

  • Shotguns Master

    Kill 1000 opponents with shotguns

  • Handguns Master

    Kill 1000 opponents with handguns

  • SMG Master

    Kill 1000 opponents with submachine guns

  • Master of machine guns

    Kill 1000 opponents with machine guns

  • Huntsman

    Kill 1000 opponents with traps

  • Face Memory

  • Shooting Offhand

    Kill an enemy with a sniper rifle without using the scope

  • Firepower

    Kill or assist in killing an enemy that has taken damage from all of your team members

  • Minerlayer

    Kill two enemies with one mine

  • Cold calculation

    Kill an enemy with the last bullet in the clip

  • Silent

    Kill enemy sniper in melee while he's using scope

  • Armed and dangerous

    Kill opponents in one match in 10 different ways

  • Talented

    Put in all the branches of the skill tree a minimum of 5 points

  • Doping

    Restore more than 300% health in one life

  • War Paint

    Change appearance of an item

  • Skillful hands

    Change the modifier on a piece of equipment

  • Treasure hunter

    Receive all rewards in the Treasure Hunt

  • Explorer

    Pick up 500 artifacts

  • Soldier

    Get Colonel rank in The Renaissance Army

  • Scavenger

    Get the Legend rank in Scavengers

  • Charisma

    Get the fifth rank in Scavengers, Black Market, The Renaissance Army, The Fringe Settlers

  • Fanatic

    Get the Magister rank in The Fringe Settlers

  • Biker

    Get the Chieftain rank in Black Market

  • Survivors

    Get 100 level

  • Lucky

    Destroy the anomaly having 1 of health

  • Ready For Battle

    Play the battle, equip items with at least one random modifier

  • Stocked

    Play a match, equipping items with at least two random modifiers

  • Business approach

    Play a match, equipping items with three random modifiers

  • Team Player

    Play 500 matches in a squad with your clanmates

  • Comrades

    Play 500 matches in squad

  • Craftsman

    Upgrade an item

  • Invulnerable

    Win a match, having 50 kills without dying

  • Murderer

    Win a match killing 75 opponents

  • Recordsman

    Get 1000 gold medals

  • Efficiency

    Get the "Best Player" medal 100 times

  • Eagle Eye

    Will receive the medal of "Top gun" 100 times

  • Killer

    Get the "Best Killer" medal 100 times

  • Hero

    Get "Hero" medal 100 times

  • Effective

    Win 1000 random matches

  • Champion

    Win 1000 ranked matches

  • Expert - Battery Retrieval

    Win 500 matches in Battery Retrieval mode

  • Expert - Team Deathmatch

    Win 500 matches in Deathmatch mode

  • Expert - Research

    Win 500 matches in Research mode

  • Invigorating exercises

    Win a match in the Protective device mode with a score of 10-0

  • Sweep

    Win a match in Deathmatch mode with a margin of 50 points

  • Aggressive explorers

    Win a match in Research mode with a margin of 90 points

  • Invincible

    Win 15 matches in a row

  • Initiative

    Bring 500 batteries to protective unit in Battery Retrieval mode

  • Raider

    Steal 100 batteries from the enemy base in Battery Retrieval mode

  • Conqueror

    Capture 200 units in Research mode

  • Mercenary

    Complete 500 daily quests

  • Brothers in Arms

    Get the squad all four post-battle medals in one match

  • Best of the Best

    Get all four post-battle medals in one match

  • Hero of the Day: Best Player

    Receive a Hero of the Day in 'Best Player' nomination, reach first place

  • Hero of the Day: Killstreak

    Receive a Hero of the Day in 'Killstreak' nomination, reach first place

  • Hero of the Day: Winstreak

    Receive a Hero of the Day in 'Winstreak' nomination, reach first place