SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis Classics

SEGA’s collection of Mega Drive & Genesis Classics comes to a new generation, now updated with even more features: online multiplayer, achievements, mirror mode, rewind, save states, VR and more! Over 50 classic games in one great package. Get into the classics!
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  • 500 Rings to Rule them All


    Sonic Games - Get 500 rings

  • Five Large

    Columns - Gain a high score of at least 5000 on easy

  • Commitment

    Sonic The Hedgehog - Collect all 6 Chaos Emeralds

  • To the Brim

    Golden Axe 3 - Max out your magic

  • Relaxin' all cool

    Toejam and Earl - Find the Secret Island

  • Multitool

    Alien Soldier - Use 4 Different Weapon Modes in one Session

  • What are the Buttons?

    Golden Axe - Use Magic When No Enemies are Present

  • Power Through

    Space Harrier 2 - Reach a Score of 5,000,000

  • Chillin' out Maxin'

    Toejam and Earl - Dance the Hula

  • Spin for the Win

    Sonic Spinball - Collect all 3 Chaos Emeralds

  • Fly you Fools!

    Golden Axe 2- Kill 25 enemies by throwing/knocking them off the environment in a single play through

  • Dance the Robo

    Dynamite Headdy - Defeat the Robo Collector

  • Extra Hedgehogs

    Sonic 2 - Finish Emerald Hills with 5 Lives

  • The Eagle has Landed

    Shining Force - Make it to Alterone

  • Challenge Accepted

    Complete 1 Challenge

  • Challenge X

    Complete 10 Challenges

  • Keep your powder dry

    Shinobi 3 - Get a Shinobi bonus (complete a level without throwing a shuriken)

  • Sore Knuckles

    Streets of Rage - Get to the final boss without using a continue

  • One in Three

    Alex Kidd - Win 50 Games of Rock, Paper, Scissors

  • Demonstrate Restraint

    Shadow Dancer - Complete the first two stages without using magic

  • Good Job

    Streets of Rage 3 - Finish the game on Normal or Hard difficulty

  • All the Magics

    Golden Axe Games - Collect 200 magic

  • Clean Sweep

    All Challenges Complete

  • Experiencing History

    Play 20 Games

  • It's a lovely day outside

    Play 50 games