Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition

Now fully rebuilt and remastered, Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition is a turn-based dungeon crawler with a twist: instead of controlling the hero you build the dungeon around them.
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  • Per Ignem Ad Gloriam

    As Apprentice, play Ignite while holding 6 cards in hand

  • I Ain't Sayin You're A Gravedigger

    Unlock the graveyard. You monster

  • Tough Fight

    Beat a monster 1 level above yours

  • REALLY Tough Fight

    Beat a monster 2 levels above yours

  • Look At The Size Of This Thing

    Make a dungeon of at least 50 connected tiles

  • NOOOOOooooo

    Die at the same time as killing a monster

  • Spoilt For Choice

    Draw your entire deck into your hand

  • Sound Investment

    Earn 1000 gold with a single dungeoneer

  • REALLY Sound Investment

    Earn 5000 gold with a single dungeoneer

  • Bath Bomb

    Beat Embro before he dries off from his bath

  • Dried Off And Dead

    Beat Embro when he's dried off and powered up

  • How Are We Still Hiring?

    Fill up your graveyard with at least 20 tombstones

  • Fight Fire With Fire

    Use the Ignite attack on a Fire Elemental

  • What Does Leader Do?

    Defeat an opponent with Leader that is buffed by at least 4 health

  • Power Card

    Use a level 4 skill card in battle

  • Massive Attack

    Deal 10 or more damage in one attack

  • The Hero You Deserve

    Win 10 quests with a single Chump

  • Flawless Victory

    Beat a monster without taking damage

  • There's A Graveyard?

    Win the game without losing a dungeoneer

  • Quicker Than Thee

    Kill a monster with a quick attack while on 1 hp

  • Bumble In The Jungle

    Reach the Azca Jungle

  • Mine. All Mine.

    Reach the Dwarven Mining Conglomerate

  • Pacifist

    Without doing damage that turn, let a monster die to their own self-damage

  • The Chef

    Equip all of these at once: Cooking Pot, Fork, Wooden Stool

  • You've Got Mail

    Equip all of these at once: Mail Coif, Red Mail, Mace

  • Oooh, Sparkly!

    Equip all of these at once: Arcane Wand, Shimmering Cloak, Sparkly Headband

  • Drinking Problem

    Have 5 fountain effects stacked at once

  • Meeting With The Boss

    Beat a boss without killing any monsters first

  • Uhh..

    Win a battle with four Stupidity cards in your deck

  • Win Streak

    Win 10 battles in a single quest

  • Skin Of Your Teeth

    Kill a monster the same turn Tenacious saves your life

  • Can't Block This!

    Win a battle thanks to an unblockable attack overcoming a block

  • Trophy Life

    Unlock the trophy room

  • I've Got An Ointment For That

    As Alchemist, reach 15 health

  • We Have The Technology

    As Artificer, play a Reflecting Ray that deals 4 damage while being level 2

  • I'm Gettin' Too Old For This S#!T

    As Barbarian, defeat a level 3 monster while being level 1

  • Oi! You What?!

    As Bruiser, win a battle on the round you play Nice Try, Chump

  • Play Your Cards Right

    As Cartomancer, play a Card Storm that deals 10 damage

  • Cat Puns Are Clawesome

    As Cat Burglar, play a Throw Cat that deals 5 damage

  • A Chump Will Do

    As Chump, win on a turn you play Cower

  • An Honorable Victory

    As Most Holy Grail Knight, win a battle without playing cards that deal 2 or more damage

  • Divide and Conquer

    As Mathemagician, activate Bisect twice

  • [gleeful victory dance]

    As Mime, steal an enemy card that deals at least 2 damage

  • No Dual Wielding? Fine!

    As Ranger, play a Pierce that deals 5 damage

  • Shift To Win

    As Shapeshifter, win a battle without playing cards that deal 2 or more damage

  • The Song Of My People

    As Troubador, activate Spellsword three times in a row

  • Ivory League Of Jerks

    Complete the campaign. Take that Ivory League!

  • Inconceivable

  • Who's Stupid Now?

  • Well, They Weren't Using It

    As Gravedigger, start a dungeon run with a level 3 item

  • Hand To Hand

    As Icecream Monk, defeat a level 4 monster with both hand slots empty

  • Fortune Favours the Fave

    As Snowitch, reach 10 Favour

  • The Hills Are Alive

    As Yodeller, fully upgrade all your Yodels

  • How Stupid Can You Get?

    As Super Chump, reach Stupidity 3

  • Three Sheets To The Wind

    As Drunken Sailor, play a Reckless Swing that deals 7 damage

  • Doesn't Hold Water

    As H2Omancer, have 10 cards in your discard pile

  • All Eyes On You

    As Swashbuckler, activate Showoff three times in a row

  • So Stupid It Hurts

    As Ultra Chump, reach Stupidity 5

  • Old Dog, New Tricks

    Obtain an advanced victory trait

  • The More You Know

    Collect all of the cards in the Guildopedia

  • Runemaster

    Use all 6 favour abilities in a single dungeon run

  • A Mountain To Climb

    Reach the Mountains of Numb

  • Ahoy, Matey

    Reach the Pirates Cove