Rain World

You are a nomadic slugcat, both predator and prey in a broken ecosystem. Grab your spear and brave the industrial wastes, hunting enough food to survive, but be wary— other, bigger creatures have the same plan... and slugcats look delicious.
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  • The Survivor

    This land has become your home

  • The Hunter

    Path of the carnivore

  • The Monk

    Path of the vegetarian

  • The Saint

    Path of the pacifist

  • The Outlaw

    Path of aggression

  • The Dragon Slayer

    Predator has become prey

  • The Chieftain

    Embraced by a new tribe

  • The Wanderer

    Your travels have taken you far

  • The Scholar

    History lessons

  • The Friend

    One need not travel alone

  • Nineteen Spades, Endless Reflections

  • Droplets upon Five Large Droplets

  • A Bell, Eighteen Amber Beads

  • Four Needles under Plentiful Leaves

  • Six Grains of Gravel, Mountains Abound

  • Two Sprouts, Twelve Brackets

  • Pilgrimage

  • Stolen Enlightenment

  • A New Friend

  • The Journey

  • Ascension

  • A Helping Hand

  • Within Time

  • Migration

  • Closure

  • An Old Friend

  • Messenger

  • The Cycle

  • Champion

  • Expedition Leader

  • The Martyr

  • The Nomad

  • The Pilgrim

  • The Mother