You're a survivor in the zombie infested ruins of society, and must work with your friends and forge alliances to remain among the living.
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  • Welcome to PEI

    Find your way to Prince Edward Island.

  • A Bridge Too Far

    Fail to contain the virus.

  • Mastermind

    Fully learn all your skills.

  • Offense

    Fully learn your offense skill tree.

  • Defense

    Fully learn your defense skill tree.

  • Support

    Fully learn your support skill tree.

  • Experienced

    Gain yourself 1000 experience.

  • Hoarder

    Find yourself 1000 items.

  • Outdoors

    Harvest yourself 100 resources.

  • Psychopath

    Kill 100 players.

  • Murderer

    Kill 10 players.

  • Survivor

    Kill 100 normal zombies.

  • Unturned

    Kill 1000 normal zombies.

  • Hardened

    Kill a mega zombie.

  • Forged

    Kill 10 mega zombies.

  • Scavenger

    Find yourself 100 items.

  • Camper

    Harvest yourself 10 resources.

  • Schooled

    Gain yourself 100 experience.

  • Berries


  • Accident Prone

    Die 10 times.

  • Behind the Wheel

    Find yourself a vehicle.

  • Welcome to the Yukon

    Find your way to the Yukon.

  • Welcome to Washington

    Find your way to Washington.

  • Graduation

    Complete your education.

  • Fishing

    Catch yourself 10 fish.

  • Crafting

    Craft yourself 100 items.

  • Farming

    Grow yourself 100 plants.

  • Headshot

    Hit 100 headshots.

  • Sharpshooter

    Hit 1000 headshots.

  • Hiking

    Travel 50,000 m on foot.

  • Roadtrip

    Travel 100,000 m by vehicle.

  • Champion

    Win 3 arena matches.

  • Fortified

    Build yourself 250 objects.

  • Welcome to Russia

    Find your way to Russia.

  • Soulcrystal

  • Paragon

    Attain a respected reputation.

  • Villain

    Attain an intimidating reputation.

  • Mk. II

  • Helping Hand

    Finish a quest.

  • Ensign

    Rise to Ensign rank in the Coalition.

  • Lieutenant

    Rise to Lieutenant rank in the Coalition.

  • Major

    Rise to Major rank in the Coalition.

  • Welcome to Hawaii

    Find your way to Hawaii.

  • Extinguished

    Kill a magma zombie.

  • Welcome to Germany

    Find your way to Germany.

  • Secrets of Neuschwanstein

  • Welcome to Kuwait

    Find your way to Kuwait.

  • Squeek

    Fish out a formidable foe in Kuwait.

  • Feline Friends

    Feed the cats of Kuwait some fish.

  • Dinosaur Juice

    Maybe not the best drink in Kuwait.

  • Home Decor

    Craft some cute decor in Kuwait.

  • Always Watching

  • Familiar Faces

  • Welcome to Ireland

    Find your way to Ireland.

  • Honorary Benson

  • Welcome to Elver

    Find your way to Elver.

  • Santa's Little Helper

    Deliver all of Santa's undelivered gifts during the winter holiday festivities.

  • Architect

    Build a big ol' snowman during the winter holiday festivities.

  • Cookie Cook

    Try out Sous-Chef Roman's festive recipe during the winter holiday festivities.

  • A Star in the Sky

    Power up the Seattle skyline during the winter holiday festivities.

  • Welcome to Arid

    Find your way to Arid.

  • Arid Finale

    Finish all main quests on Arid.

  • Lock, Stock And Barrel

  • Escaping Outlands

  • A Duneman's Promise

  • Welcome to A6 Polaris

    Find your way to A6 Polaris.

  • Expedition Completionist

  • Welcome to Buak

    Find your way to Buak.

  • A Day in the Sun

    Find someone having a good time on Buak.

  • False Promises

    Learn about the past on Buak.

  • Do You Like Waffles?

    Experiment with waffles on Buak.

  • Anomaly-7