Warface: Clutch

Warface: Clutch is a contemporary MMO first person shooter with millions of fans around the world. It offers intense PvP modes, compelling PvE missions and raids that you can challenge with five diverse classes and a colossal customizable arsenal.
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  • Straight Aim

    Kill 100 enemies while aiming.

  • High Roller

    Acquire rank 10.

  • Fire in the Hole

    Perform 10 grenadiers.

  • Deadly Defib

    Kill 10 enemies with the Defibrillator.

  • Silent Hunter

    Kill 100 enemy players using a silenced weapon.

  • Humiliator

    Kill 100 enemies with the butt of your weapon.

  • Snake in the Grass

    Kill 100 enemies while being prone in PvP.

  • Treasure Hunter

    Collect 100 Crowns.

  • Team Player

    Win 10 Team Death Matches.

  • Warhead Chaser

    Win 10 Capture matches.

  • Father of all Bombs

    Win 100 Plant the Bomb matches.

  • Destruction Marathon

    Win 100 Destruction matches.

  • Multifrag

    Kill 5 enemies with a single grenade.

  • Office Rat

    Kill 500 enemies in the Tower Raid Mission.

  • United we Stand

    Win 100 Team Death Matches.

  • Hurricane

    Win 100 Storm matches.

  • Last Man Standing

    Win 50 Free for All matches.

  • Gun Master

    Kill 10 Heavy Gunners in a Hardcore Co-op mode.

  • Gimme a Five!

    Complete 5 stages in a row in the Tower Raid Mission.

  • Too big for the elevator

    Kill the Heavy Gunner in the Tower Raid mission.

  • Meatman

    Perform 50 butcher kills.

  • Going Atomic

    Inflict 100,000 damage to enemies.

  • Warhead Bearer

    Carry the warhead to your base 100 times.

  • Eagle Eye

    Kill 500 enemies with a Sniper Rifle without using zoom.

  • Generosity to the Enemy

    Accomplish 100 mine doublekills with Directional Mines.

  • Saviour

    Revive 10,000 teammates.

  • Money Bags

    Earn $500,000 in-game.

  • Hoarder

    Collect 10,000 crowns.

  • Warface Chief

    Achieve 70th rank.

  • Survivor

    Complete 19 stages in a row in the Tower Raid Mission.

  • God of War

    Achieve 80th rank.

  • Sociable

    Make 20 friends.

  • Mars explorer

    Complete the "Mars" special operation on Easy.

  • Mars settler

    Complete "Mars" special operation on Normal.

  • Mars invader

    Complete the "Mars" special operation on Hard.

  • Eat it, Elon Musk

    Conditions for achievement are unknown.

  • I can plant potatoes here!

    Eliminate 1,000 enemies in special operation "Mars" (Hard) with each class.

  • Hardcore Red spiders

    Destroy 500 spider mines in Mars on Hard.

  • Disconnector

    Destroy 5 Grenade Launcher or Flamethrower SEDs in the "Mars" special operation on Hard.

  • Professional headhunter

    Perform 1,000 double headshots in PvE mode.

  • Invulnerable

    Finish 100 PvE-missions without dying on the Hard difficulty.

  • Phalanx Down

    Eliminate 500 shield-using enemies.

  • Disparagement

    Eliminate the Heavy Gunner with a pistol 500 times.

  • Two's Company

    Assist a buddy 1,000 times.

  • Slide and Dice

    Eliminate 2,500 players while sliding in PVP.

  • Shining One

    Perform 10 triple kills with any weapon in the Blitz mode.

  • The Best Hunter

    Take the 1st place in the Bag and Tag mode 1,000 times.

  • Captivating

    Win 1,000 Capture matches.

  • Regimental Commander

    Win 1,000 Team Death Match matches.

  • Dangerously explosive

    Win 1,000 Plant the Bomb matches.

  • Total annihilation

    Win 1,000 Destruction matches.

  • Tornado

    Win 1,000 Storm matches.

  • Dominator Algorithm

    Win 1,500 Domination matches.

  • Bloody Nomad

    Win 1,000 Free For All matches.

  • Gold Legendary Squad

    End a ranked season at versus rank 1.

  • Elite Carbon Squad

    End a ranked season at versus rank 2-4.

  • Silver Veterans Squad

    End a ranked season at versus rank 5-7.

  • Special Metal Forces Squad

    End a ranked season at versus rank 8-10.

  • Whatever It Takes

    Complete operation "Hydra" without being killed.

  • Safe And Sound

    Finish operation "Hydra" 10 times.

  • Master Of The Arena

    Complete operation "Hydra" as all 5 classes.

  • The Art Of Explosion

    Eliminate 100 enemies with explosive barrels in operation "Hydra".

  • Anti-Tank Defence Unit

    Destroy 10 armored vehicles in the "Blackwood" operation.

  • Omega Black

    Complete the "Blackwood" operation by all five classes.

  • Anti-aircraft warfare

    Destroy the helicopter in the "Blackwood" operation 15 times.

  • Alpha and Omega

    Complete the "Blackwood" operation without being killed.

  • To Hell and Back

    Complete the "Blackwood" operation 15 times.