Darkest Dungeon®

Darkest Dungeon is a challenging gothic roguelike turn-based RPG about the psychological stresses of adventuring. Recruit, train, and lead a team of flawed heroes against unimaginable horrors, stress, disease, and the ever-encroaching dark. Can you keep your heroes together when all hope is lost?
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  • Welcome home...


    Reach the Estate

  • The first of many victories...


    Complete a quest

  • And our training begins...


    Upgrade a Combat skill

  • A drink, a hand, and a companion...


    Treat a hero in the Tavern

  • A rumination, a prayer, and a confession...


    Treat a hero in the Abbey

  • A sobering visit with the departed...


    Visit the Graveyard

  • Our victories are mounting...

    Complete 10 quests

  • We are victorious, but at what cost...

    Complete 25 quests

  • Discretion, my old friend...

    Abandon a quest

  • The first evil to fall...

    Slay your first boss

  • A strenuous adventure comes to a close...

    Complete a medium quest

  • A grueling adventure comes to a close...

    Complete a long quest

  • A team of hardened veterans...

    Start a quest with all four heroes of Resolve Level 6

  • Like lambs to the slaughter...

    Start a Darkest Dungeon quest with four heroes of resolve level 0

  • I've seen every corner of this ruined land...

    Complete a quest in all four regions

  • Twisted and about to break

    Complete a dungeon with all 4 heroes afflicted

  • It takes more than brawn...

    Learn a new Camping skill

  • Weeding out the weak...

    Dismiss your first hero

  • A veritable crowd...

    Have one of each class on your roster

  • The price we pay for sanity...

    Remove a Quirk in the Sanitarium

  • Encouragement...

    Lock a positive Quirk in the Sanitarium

  • Our equipment polished to a mirror finish...

    Fully upgrade the Blacksmith

  • Our techniques sharpened to a razor's edge...

    Fully upgrade the Guild

  • The tavern my Ancestor once saw...

    Fully upgrade the Tavern

  • The abbey my Ancestor once knew...

    Fully upgrade the Abbey

  • Only the finest equipment will endure this torment...

    Fully upgrade a hero's weapons and armor

  • Only masterful technique will suffice in battle...

    Fully upgrade at least four of a hero's skills

  • Restored to its former glory...

    Fully upgrade the Town

  • A true champion emerges...

    Raise a hero to Resolve Level 6

  • Darkest sentinels...

    Raise 4 heroes to Resolve Level 6

  • And we slew the evils that lurketh...

    Defeat 100 Eldritch enemies

  • And we slew the abominations that haunteth...

    Defeat 100 Unholy enemies

  • And we slew the beasts that creepeth...

    Defeat 100 Beast enemies

  • And we slew the men who were wicked...

    Defeat 100 Human enemies

  • The fiends must be driven back...

    Slay 1000 enemies

  • The end of the first year...

    Reach week 52

  • Two years of this...

    Reach week 104

  • Greater riches were never witnessed...

    Collect at least 20,000 gold from a single quest

  • A collection of treasured antiques...

    Collect at least 30 heirlooms from a single quest

  • A killer of striking force and wit...

    Kill 50 enemies with one hero

  • More than a weary traveler...

    Walk 500 steps with one hero

  • The first of many has fallen...

    Lose your first hero

  • The stresses were unbearable...

    Lose your first hero to heart attack

  • Gnawing hunger sets in...

    Lose a hero to hunger

  • That'll do, pig...

  • We return to the worms of the earth...

  • Watch your step...

  • Blocked from life...

  • Valiant sacrifice...

  • No retreat, no quarter...

    First party wipe

  • We all return to dust...

    Lose a Legendary (Level 6) hero

  • What is already Dead Cannot Die

    Have a character survive 5 attacks at Death's Door in a single combat

  • More blood soaks the soil...

    Party wipe on a boss

  • Sentimental relics from our forefathers...

    Acquire all your Ancestor's Trinkets

  • A terrifying figure emerged from the darkness...

  • Strict Mode

    Complete the game with default difficulty options

  • Driven from this land...

    Kill all bosses

  • Caretaker

    Complete all Caretaker Goals

  • Victory, such as it is...

    Complete the game

  • In such haste...

    Complete the game within 99 Weeks

  • Lone survivor

    Kill any boss with only one hero remaining

  • Dysfunction

    Kill any boss with a party of four afflicted heroes

  • World End

    Complete the game on Stygian

  • On the old road, we found redemption.

    Dismas and Reynauld Made it to the final Darkest Dungeon Quest

  • In Sheep's Clothing

    Defeat the brigand Vvulf

  • Entry Level

    Complete the game on Radiant

  • Murder of Crows

  • Four on the Floor

    Kill Squiffy Ghast, Swine Skiver, Bone Bearer and Hateful Virago

  • Mine Goes to 11

  • Les Jeux Sont Faits

  • Just the Cheque

  • Her Last Dance

  • Symptoms

  • Happy Together

  • From Rubble to Rabble

  • The Red Hook

  • The Flesh is Willing

  • An Unexpected Party

  • Expired

  • Shadows Blur Together

  • What Strange Bedfellows

  • Zealous Accusation

  • Jailbreak

  • Blood Cult

  • Plowshares To Swords

  • Tears Lost In The Dust

  • A Taste Of Madness

  • A Merciful Act

  • Beyond The Infinite

  • Shards Well Spent

  • A Memory Of Better Times (And Spaces)

  • This Is Nothing

  • A Hollow Reckoning

  • Ashes To Ashes

  • In The Mouth of Madness

  • The Blinders Are Lifted

  • Rogues Gallery

  • There Are No Words

  • Time Is A Flat Circle

  • Blue Skies Ahead

  • A Poor Harvest

  • Lining the Jeweller's Pockets

  • Rainbow's End

  • Pipe Dream

  • Fresh Meat

    Play your first match in the Butcher's Circus

  • Scare Tactics

    Cause an enemy hero to have a heart attack

  • Taking All Challengers

    Kill each hero class in the Butcher's Circus

  • Mono et Mono

    Win a match in the dueling grounds

  • Bright Lights

    Daze 10 enemies in the Butcher's Circus

  • Shouting Match

    Win a match using ONLY stress against your enemies

  • Devil's Luck

    Have a hero survive 5 death's door checks in a single match

  • MVP

    Have a single hero deal deathblows to 4 enemies in a single match

  • One and Done

    Kill an enemy hero in the first round of a match

  • Pacemaker

    Have a single hero survive 4 heart attacks in a single match

  • Naked and Unafraid

    Win a match without using any trinkets

  • Blood Soaks the Sand

    Win 100 matches in the Butcher's Circus

  • Be Still My Heart!

    Cause 150 heart attacks in the Butcher's Circus

  • Blood Flood

    Kill 600 enemies in the Butcher's Circus

  • Crowd Pleaser

    Reach the max Prestige level in the Butcher's Circus

  • Flawless Execution

    Win any 10 matches without losing any heroes