Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is a modern take on the classic city simulation. The game introduces new game play elements to realize the thrill and hardships of creating and maintaining a real city whilst expanding on some well-established tropes of the city building experience.
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  • Pioneer


    Create your very first city

  • City Planner


    Use the district tool to draw 3 districts

  • Power at Your Fingertips


    Unlock all city services

  • Climbing the Social Ladder


    Have a Citizen educated to level 3 from 0

  • Rolling in Dough


    Earn 15,000 per week

  • Does My Bum Look Big In This?


    Change Chirper look

  • Singing In The-


    Experience rain

  • Foggy Weather


    Experience fog

  • Green Energy


    Produce all electricity without using raw materials

  • Decorator

    Use the Asset Editor to make your very own asset

  • Terraformer

    Create a map

  • Well Informed

    Have a look at all the different info-view panels

  • Lawmaker

    Apply a policy to a district you created

  • Heavenly City

    Unlock Monuments

  • Medic!

    Build the Medical Center Monument

  • A Huge Hadron

    Build the Hadron Collider Monument

  • Beam Me Up

    Build the Space Elevator Monument

  • New Eden

    Build the Eden Project Monument

  • Short Fuse

    Build the Fusion Power Plant Monument

  • I Want It All

    Unlock every single building in the game

  • Metropolis

    Have a population of 100,000 in your city

  • Distroy

    Have more than 10 districts with unique policies

  • City in Motion

    Have 20 transport lines

  • City in Motion 2

    Have 50 transport lines

  • Unpopular Mayor

    Have 15% happiness

  • Frenetic Player

    Click on a police building 100 times in a row

  • Happy Town

    Have more than 95% city happiness for 5 years

  • Tough City

    Have the city survive a crime rate of over 40% for 2 years

  • Fire Watch

    Have 5 Fire Stations

  • The Safest Town

    Have 5 Police Headquarters

  • Professional Dumper

    Fill five landfill sites

  • Earthloving City

    No water or ground pollution in a city of over 10,000 residents

  • Higher Education

    Have over 70% of citizens highly educated in a city of over 10,000 people

  • SIMulated City

    Have an area the size of nine map tiles

  • Safe City

    Keep the crime rate under 10% for 4 years straight

  • Power to the People

    Have the industry tax rate over 5% higher than either residential tax rate for one year

  • Make Them Pay

    Have both residential tax rates over 5% higher than industry for one year

  • Leisure Suites

    Have 1000 squares of leisure specialized commercial zone

  • Playing With The Boys

    Have 1000 squares of beach specialized commercial zone

  • Prison Break

    Have 15 Prisons in the city

  • 1001 Nights

    Experience 1001 nights in the game

  • Brrr!

    Create a winter map in map editor

  • Get Your Snowshoes Ready!

    Experience snowfall

  • Here's A Tram

    Have one tram line active

  • I Love Trams!

    Have 10 tram lines active

  • Are They Naked In There?

    Have a Sauna in the city

  • It's Wintertime!

    Change Chirper to a winter look

  • Speed up!

    Boost 100 km of streets with Road maintenance service

  • The Plowmaster

    Have snowplows collect 2000000 units of snow

  • Quay-King

    Build one quay

  • With Canals You Can!

    Build one canal

  • We need snorkels!

    Experience a tsunami

  • Shake It Up!

    Experience an earthquake

  • It's heading right for us!

    Experience a meteor strike

  • Drop the Base

    Experience a sinkhole

  • Run, Bambi!

    Experience a forest fire

  • Thunder and Lightning

    Experience a thunderstorm

  • Twist and shout

    Experience a tornado

  • What the...?

    Experience a special disaster

  • Eternal City

    Have ten disasters hit the same city

  • Creator

    Create 10 scenarios

  • We Have A Winner!

    Win 10 scenarios

  • The Underdog

    Lose 10 scenarios

  • Rejoice And Be Ferry

    Have 3 ferry lines

  • Ferry Faerie

    Have 15 ferry lines

  • Triorail

    Have 3 monorail lines

  • Not So Mono

    Have 10 monorail lines

  • Clark Cable

    Transport 5 000 passengers with Cable Cars

  • Cables Galore

    Transport 20 000 passengers with Cable Cars

  • Blimp? Blimp.

    Have 3 blimp lines

  • Put Some Blimp In Your Blimp

    Have 10 blimp lines

  • Combo Breaker!

    Have one Ferry and Bus Exchange Stop, Metro-Monorail-Train Hub, Monorail-Bus Hub and Multiplatform Train Station

  • Nomen Est Omen

    Name a road

  • Centurion

    Name 100 roads

  • It's Called Steve

    Name a road "Steve"

  • Totally In Motion

    Win all three Mass Transit scenarios

  • Reporting!

    Check a route of a citizen

  • Super Self-Sufficient

    Have all residential zone in your city be specialized Self-Sufficient Housing

  • I to the T

    Have all office zone in your city be specialized IT-Cluster

  • Organistic

    Have all commercial zone in your city be specialized Organic and Local Produce

  • Friendly Teaching

    Build one of each eco-friendly schools: Community School, Institute of Creative Arts and Modern Technology Institute

  • Greenest City

    Have no polluting industry in your city, only Office Zone and specialized zones

  • The Park To Rule All Parks

    Have a maximum level park made with Park Tool

  • Parking Not Forbidden

    Have 10 parks made with Park Tool

  • Z00

    Have a park with all zoo buildings built in it

  • Ambulare

    Have 5 pedestrian Walking Tour lines

  • Maintain That Park

    Have a Park Maintenance Service and a Zoo, Nature Reserve and Amusement Park in your city

  • Coaster Tycoon

    Have a park with all Amusement Park buildings built in it

  • Naturally

    Have a park with all Nature Reserve buildings built in it

  • Sights To Be Seen

    Have 15 Sightseeing Bus lines

  • Full Capacity

    Level up an Industry Area up to Level 5

  • Serial Investor

    Build 10 Industry Areas

  • Offshore Assets

    Build five Oil Rigs

  • Industry Tycoon

    Build all Unique Factories

  • Postman

    Deliver 1 000 000 units of Mail

  • Just Tolling

    Build one of each road Toll Booth buildings

  • Scaling Up

    Build 10 Warehouse buildings

  • Student Housing Project

    Have total number of 10 Dormitories

  • Education Nation

    Have 15 000 students studying on campuses at the same time

  • Distinguished Academics

    Have one campus reach "Prestigious" in reputation

  • Varsity Sports Patron

    Build all five varsity sports arenas on one campus in one city

  • Higher Learning

    Build all Campus Area types with all of their respective campus buildings and faculties

  • Academic Scholar

    Create 100 academic works

  • For For-Profit Education!

    Cover one campus area upkeep cost entirely with tuition fees paid by students in a campus area with more than 5000 students

  • Aquaculture

    Farm 7 500 000 units of fish and sea plants.

  • Fisher King

    Catch 10 000 000 units of fish.

  • Multidisciplinary Transport Tycoon

    Build one of each of the following transport hubs: Underground Metro-Intercity Bus Hub, Bus-Intercity Bus Hub, Train-Metro Hub, Metropolitan Airport, Bus-Metro Hub

  • Trolleyface

    Transport 35 000 amount of citizens in trolleybuses.

  • World of Rotorcraft

    Transport 15 000 amount of citizens in passenger helicopters.

  • Come Fly With Me!

    Have 60 tourists visit the Aviation Club during one week.

  • The Waters of Our Lives

    Treat 20 000 000 m3 of waste water using the Inland Water Treatment Plants.

  • Airline Tycoon

    Have an airport area reach level 3.

  • Airlifter

    Have 10 000 total passengers travel through an airport area.

  • Airport Architect

    Build an airport area with a terminal, a runway and an aircraft stand.

  • Airfield Expertise

    Build an airport area with an area of 25000 cells.

  • High-cost-carrier

    Set the airline ticket price slider to the maximum price.

  • Garbage Collection Issues

    Have 5 garbage service points reach their capacity limit.

  • The Sweetest City

    Build 10 ice cream stand plazas in one pedestrian area.

  • Very Focused

    Have one pedestrian area focused on residential, one in commercial, and one in workplace zones.

  • Can't Buy Me Love

    Earn ₡5,000,000 through investments.

  • All In

    Have at least ₡1 000 000 in cash. Put all of your available cash into investments, then don't sell any investments for one month.

  • Cash Flow

    Have a bank building get flooded.

  • So Much Cash!

    Transport ₡2,000,000 using cash transport vans in one week.

  • No risk, no fun!

    Take a loan in order to make an investment.

  • Very Accommodating

    Have total of 500 weekly guests to stay at hotels.

  • Peak Season

    Organize three hotel events.

  • Fully Booked!

    Have the maximum possible number of guests stay at any 5 star hotel with at least 100 rooms.