Streamline is a frantically fun multiplayer action game with deep Twitch integration. As a Hunter, chase down and smack the Runners. As a Runner, compete for points and stay far away from the Hunter’s swinging stop sign.
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  • Clothes 1


    Unlock one cosmetic item.

  • Clothes 5


    Unlock five cosmetic items.

  • AFK

    Don't move for 30 seconds.

  • Hang Time

    Don't touch the ground for 5 seconds.

  • Disrespect

    Taunt while the Hunter can see you.

  • Paparazzi

    See the Hunter eliminate another Runner.

  • Feels Good, Man

    Be the last Runner standing.

  • Last Man Standing

    Be the last Runner standing and eliminate the Hunter.

  • Natural Selection

    Eliminate another Runner during Sudden Death.

  • Danger Zone

    Eliminate a Runner in a section that is closing off or has closed off.

  • Fish in a Barrel

    Eliminate a Runner that is stunned.

  • Ninja

    Eliminate a Runner that has not seen you in the last 10 seconds.

  • Rekt!

    Eliminate a Runner in the air.

  • Sucker Punch

    Eliminate a taunting Runner.

  • It's a Trap!

    Eliminate a Runner that picked up points dropped by another Runner in the last 5 seconds.

  • Big Game Hunter

    Eliminate the Runner with the most points with at least 5 other Runners still standing.

  • Bully

    Eliminate the Runner with the least points with at least 5 other Runners still standing.

  • Splat

    Eliminate a Runner while wall running.

  • Only the Strong Survive

    Be one of the last 25% Runners standing.

  • Backstab

    Eliminate a Runner from behind.


    Eliminate 5 Runners in under 20 seconds.

  • ULTRAKILL?!?!1!1!

    Eliminate 10 Runners in under 30 seconds.

  • Poke The Bear

    Stun the Hunter.

  • Shoulda Ducked

    Get stunned.

  • StunRage

    Stun 10 Runners in under 30 seconds.

  • I Stun Dead People

    Stun 10 Ghosts in under 30 seconds.

  • Gravity? What's That?

    Wall run for 10 seconds.

  • Ultramarathon

    Sprint for 30 seconds without stopping.

  • Scavenger

    Loot 3 orbs from eliminated Runners in under 10 seconds.

  • From The Brink

    Recover from less than 5% health.

  • Sorry, Not Sorry

    Be within 5 meters of another Runner when they are eliminated.

  • Skin Of Your Teeth

    Be within 3 meters of the Hunter and then get 25 meters away.

  • GG :)

    Eliminate all Runners with more than 90 seconds left.

  • Kappa

    Get stunned and then stun another Runner within 5 seconds.

  • Karma

    Stun another Runner and then get stunned within 5 seconds.

  • Revenant

    Stun 10 Runners in 30 seconds.

  • Level 2

    Reach level 2.

  • Level 5

    Reach level 5.

  • Level10

    Reach level 10.

  • Level 25

    Reach level 25.

  • Level 50

    Reach level 50.

  • Clothes 20

    Unlock twenty cosmetic items.

  • Clothes 50

    Unlock fifty cosmetic items.

  • Play 10 Games

    Play at least 10 games of Streamline!

  • Play 100 Games

    Play at least 100 games of Streamline!

  • Bet 100

    Have someone bet over 100 credits on you.

  • Bet 1000

    Have someone bet over 1000 credits on you.

  • Bet 10k

    Have someone bet over 10,000 credits on you.

  • Ripperino

    Eliminate yourself. :(