Viscera Cleanup Detail

In Viscera Cleanup Detail, you step into the boots of a space-station janitor tasked with cleaning up after various horrific sci-fi horror events. Instead of machineguns and plasma-rifles, your tools are a mop and bucket. That hero left a mess, and it's up to you to deal with the aftermath.
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  • Who's for Dinner?


    Get eaten

  • Spring Fresh

    Clean any map adequately

  • Employee of the Month

    Get the Employee of the Month reward for your office

  • You're Fired!

    Get fired!

  • Blood Soaked

    Spill 100 dirty buckets

  • Blaze of Glory

    Incinerate 2000 items

  • Bloody Hell!

    Mop up 10,000 splats

  • Top Brass

    Pick up 800 casings

  • Taking Out the Trash

    Pick up 1000 pieces of trash

  • Ubermensch

    Speedrun a map with at least %25 par time to spare

  • Pedestrian

    Track over 20,000 footprints

  • Janicide

    Blow up a fellow worker with the help of an ominously bright-red explosive charge

  • Need a Hand?

    Receive a total of 35 helping hands from the Slosh-O-Matic

  • Bins? Limbs!

    Suffer the wrath of the Bin machine 75 times

  • First Aid

    Restock a total of 50 medkits over your cleaning career by punching out of levels with medkits

  • The Nose Knows

    Use the Sniffer for a total of 2 hours

  • Chew on This!

    Throw 100 items into sand traps

  • Disintegrator

    Fry 500 items with the plasma welder

  • The Mops Of Wrath

    Complete Athena's Wrath Level

  • Anti-Virus

    Complete Caduceus Level

  • Ice-Cold Cleana

    Complete Cryogenesis Level

  • Sandblasted

    Complete Unearthly Excavation Level

  • Pine Fresh

    Complete Hydroponic Hell Level

  • Surgical Sweeper

    Complete Evil Science Level

  • Deep-Sea Dry-cleaning

    Complete Paintenance Level

  • Operation Brownwash

    Complete Waste Disposal Level

  • Refined

    Complete Unrefinery Level

  • One Mop To Rule Them All

    Complete All major Official Levels

  • Pass The Torch

    Take a lit flare from a fellow Janitor

  • Louis and Clean

    Complete Gravity Drive Level

  • Big Banger Burnout

    Tame the uncontrollable fury of the Big Banger by incinerating it

  • Clean Freak

    Cleanup your own personal Office by removing any Trash, Viscera and Blood; excluding trophies, then leave

  • Employee of the Year

    Receive 12 Employee of the Month awards

  • Identity Theft

    Steal 30 or more Personal Identification Devices (P.I.Ds) from cleaned levels and take them to your office

  • Bring the Thunder

    Take the Big Banger Supernova out of Unearthly Excavation and into another work-site and turn it on

  • Master of the Beats

    Turn off the Big Banger while it's playing loudly(keep your music volume up too) in zero-gravity during a Solo game

  • Plague Bearer

    Transfer a Goo-Jar to another work-site and infect something

  • Head Hunter

    Collect a head from each species in cleaned levels and take them to your office

  • Brushed Steel

    Complete Revolutionary Robotics Level

  • Bushwhacked

    Complete Overgrowth Level

  • Bob's Legacy

    Find Bob

  • "Red Keycard"

    Unlock Bob's super secret secret stash room

  • Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

    Find all the unique and hidden collectibles and return them to your office

  • Eggregious

    Find all the hidden painted eggs and return them to your office

  • Lost in Space and Time

    Get consumed by an inter-dimensional crack in space-time

  • Wicked Unliving

    Collect the chainsaw, boomstick, cursed hand and the evil book and return them to your office

  • Thursday the 12th

    Collect the mask and machete and return them to your office

  • Bad Dreams on Helm Street

    Collect the clawed glove and return it to your office

  • Harroween

    Collect the white mask and butcher knife and return them to your office

  • The Shimmering

    Collect the axe and return it to your office

  • Never Put It On

    Collect the ring and return it to your office

  • House of Honor

    Clean the entire House of Horror level

  • Back From Whence It Came

    Destroy the Bad Banger

  • Not Quite a Lumberjack

    Destroy 200 items in the woodchipper

  • Cleanliness is Godliness

    Completely clean all mess in Santa's Workshop and clock off

  • Christmas Crisis Corrected

    Completely clean Santa's Workshop without breaking any Christmas items and clock off

  • Sanitized Earth

    Completely clean all mess and destroy every item in Santa's Workshop and clock off

  • Bloody Incompetent

    Prove your incompetence by leaving a worse mess in Santa's Workshop and clock off

  • St. Nick's Boomstick

    Collect Santa's shotgun and bring it back to your office

  • The Red Nose Knows

    Collect the iconic reindeer nose and bring it back to your office

  • Rooks Kept

    Collect the different Rooks Keep figurines and take them back to your office

  • Ballistic Weaponry

    Collect the different Ballistic Weapons toys and bring them back to your office

  • Thunder Candle

    Requisition a new replacement janitor through the use of TNT

  • Head Hunter

    Collect elf heads and bring them back to your office, you freakin' psycho!

  • Santa Hats Must Die!

    Incinerate 50 Santa hats, the symbol of everything you hate

  • Tower of Babel

    Build a stack of 10 stools

  • The Day the Funk Died

    Bring about the sad meeting of Ice-Cold Banger and fire

  • Cold Storage

    Complete Frostbite Level

  • Biomassive Breakdown

    Complete Incubation Emergency Level

  • Sanitary Supremacy

    Completely clean the entire Shadow Warrior temple level

  • Mr. Two Million Dollars

    Collect the two million dollars of cold hard cash from the Shadow Warrior level all at once and bring it back to your office

  • Swept Under The Carpet

    Complete Uprinsing Level

  • Crystal Clear

    Complete Core Sample Level

  • Pest Control

    Complete Pestilent Penitentiary Level

  • Bleach and Clear

    Complete Penumbra Level

  • Audacious Oddities

    Find all the unique Collectibles in the Vulcan Affair and return them to your office

  • Lair Care

    Clean the entire Vulcan Affair level

  • Teeth for Tunes

    Bring about the unfortunate meeting of Double-Oh Banger and Shark

  • Blood in the Water

    Go for a swim with Sharks

  • We're Gonna Need a Bigger Tank

    Feed the ever hungry Sharks 500 items they can either devour or destroy

  • Double-Oh Dumbass

    Foolishly activate the Death Ray

  • Locked In

    Lock another player inside a holding cell where they belong

  • Death From Above

    Get turned into mist by an orbital beam weapon

  • Cat-astrophe

    Using an orbital beam weapon, destroy the symbol of your most hated overlord; cats!

  • Orbital Bang-bardment

    Allow the Banger to ascend to its rightful place among the heavens through the use of an orbital beam weapon