Discover the world of Transistor, a sci-fi-themed action RPG from the creators of Bastion.
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  • Drive()

    Reach the Goldwalk District.

  • Reisz()

  • Spine()

  • Kendrell()

  • Bracket()

  • Sandbox()

    Clear one of each Test.

  • Speed()

    Complete each Speed Test.

  • Stability()

    Complete each Stability Test.

  • Planning()

    Complete each Planning Test.

  • Performance()

    Complete each Performance Test.

  • Agency()

    Complete each Agency Test

  • Anything()

    Deal at least 1024 damage in one Turn() in the Practice Test.

  • Everything()

    Deal at least 2048 damage in one Turn() in the Practice Test.

  • Contest()

    Clear every Test.

  • Bye()

    Complete the story.

  • Goodbye()

    Recurse through the story.

  • Bet()

    Complete five encounters with one or more Limiters in use.

  • Dare()

    Complete five encounters with five or more Limiters in use.

  • Risk()

    Complete five encounters with all 10 Limiters in use.

  • Search()

    Inspect five completed Function Files.

  • Find()

    Inspect 10 completed Function Files.

  • Reveal()

    Inspect all completed Function Files.

  • Process()

    Inspect all completed Limiter Files.

  • News()

    Use 10 different OVC Terminals.

  • Function()

    Unlock every Transistor Function.

  • User()

    Unlock every Upgrade Slot and Passive Slot.

  • Memory()

    Unlock 32 MEM.

  • Self()

  • Align()

    Achieve User Level 8.

  • Focus()

    Achieve User Level 16.

  • One()

    Achieve User Level 24.

  • Limiter()

    Unlock every Process Limiter.

  • Stack()

    Create a Function combination requiring 12 MEM.