Quake II

You are humanity’s last hope to stop the Strogg, a hostile alien race waging war against Earth. Play this military sci-fi FPS, now upgraded for modern platforms with improved visuals, new campaign content, online multiplayer/co-op, and more.
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  • Establish Communications

    Quake II: Establish a communication link to the command ship

  • Destroy Strogg Logistical Train

    Quake II: Destroy the Strogg logistical train and restore power to key warehouse components

  • Destroy Security Grid

    Quake II: Enter the security pyramid and destroy the security grid protecting the industrial region

  • Navigate the Mines

    Quake II: Navigate the mines to find a service entrance to the factory

  • Shut Down Processing Plant

    Quake II: Shut down all machines in the Strogg processing plant

  • Destroy Strogg Main Reactor

    Quake II: Infiltrate and destroy Strogg main reactor

  • Destroy the Big Gun

    Quake II: Find and destroy the Strogg's planetary defense system, the Big Gun

  • Destroy Black Hole Generator

    Quake II: Close main hangar bay door and destroy the Black Hole Generator

  • Assassinate the Makron

    Quake II: Neutralize Strogg leader's communication system

  • Disc Collector

    Call of the Machine: Collect all six Data Discs, and defeat the Strogg Creator

  • Destroy the Moon Base

    The Reckoning: Infiltrate the Strogg Moon Base, and destroy the fleet

  • Anti-Gravity

    Ground Zero: Find and eliminate the Strogg's great weapon, the Gravity Well

  • Shut Down the Core

    Quake II 64: Enter an alternate timeline, and destroy the Guardians