Forgive Me Father 2

Embark on a journey into the darkest nightmares to restore your sanity. Blast your way through hordes of possessed enemies, unlock an arsenal of deadly weapons and unearthly abilities, and get ready to face even more Lovecraftian madness in this action-packed FPS sequel.
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  • This is Sparta!

    Shoot an enemy and make it fall down a ledge.

  • Big Game

    Blow apart a weakened Grenadier.

  • Totally Medicine

    Purchase one of me wares!

  • Full Curriculum

  • Hide and Seek

    I hid some weapon tokens. Find one!

  • Spin Me Round

  • Explosive Expert

  • Full Psycho

  • Plot Armor

  • Perfectionist

    Complete one level at 100%.

  • Web of Madness

  • I See The Way

  • Graduation Gift

    Open the safe using the hidden code.

  • Illuminated

  • Across the Multiverse

    Discover the darkest secrets of the priest's past.