Age of Wonders III

Age of Wonders III is the long anticipated sequel to the award-winning strategy series. Delivering a unique mix of Empire Building, Role Playing and Warfare, Age of Wonders III offers the ultimate in turn-based fantasy strategy for veterans of the series and new players alike!
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  • First Blood

    Win a tactical battle

  • Settling Down

    Found an outpost

  • Scorched Earth

    Raze or plunder a town

  • Warlord's Triumph

    Win any level with the Warlord leader class

  • Sorcerer's Triumph

    Win any level with the Sorcerer leader class

  • Rogue's Triumph

    Win any level with the Rogue leader class

  • Dreadnought's Triumph

    Win any level with the Dreadnought leader class

  • Archdruid's Triumph

    Win any level with the Archdruid leader class

  • Theocrat's Triumph

    Win any level with the Theocrat leader class

  • Siege Master

    Win a siege battle

  • Represent

    Create a custom leader

  • Adventurer

    Complete a quest

  • Silver Tongue

    Acquire an independent town through diplomacy

  • Treasure Raider

    Clear an exploration site

  • Seasoned

    Promote a unit to gold

  • Seaworthy

    Embark a unit

  • Friend of Monsters

    Acquire a dwelling

  • Talent Scout

    Recruit 3 heroes in a single game

  • Well Equipped

    Fill all equipment slots on a single leader or hero

  • Blacksmith

    Create an item in the item forge

  • Mama?

    Hatch an egg

  • Paradise City

    Produce all city-upgrades in a single city

  • Scholar

    Research all skills in a single game

  • Caster

    Have 50 casting points on your leader

  • Protector of the Light

    Get a pure good alignment

  • Champion of the Commonwealth

    Win the campaign for the Commonwealth

  • Champion of the Elven Court

    Win the campaign for the Elven Court

  • Rebel of the Commonwealth

    Win as Commonwealth defector

  • Rebel of the Elven Court

    Win as Elven Court defector

  • Master of the Unknown

    Win a random scenario

  • Challenger

    Start an online game

  • Taste of Victory

    Win an online game

  • Champion of Wonders

    Win 10 online games

  • Grand Master of Wonders

    Win 30 online games

  • Overlord

    Get a pure evil alignment

  • Best Friends Forever

    Form an alliance

  • Mine Crafted

  • The Importance of Being Ernest

    Win the campaign for the Golden Realm

  • Mystical City

    Build a city specialization upgrade

  • Power Unleashed

    Win any level by claiming a seal victory

  • You Work for Me Now

    Force the AI to surrender to you

  • First!!

    Complete an empire quest

  • Fortune's Favor

    Maximize a unit's luck

  • Party Pooper

    Use throw filth on an enemy

  • Elephant Whisperer

    Befriend an elephant

  • Fourteenth Bloodline

    Obtain a Naga dwelling

  • Community Member

    Play a user created map

  • Master of Eternal Silence

    Win the Eternal Lords campaign for the Undead

  • Master of Eternal Magic

    Win the Eternal Lords Campaign for the Shadowborn

  • Master of Eternal Winter

    Win the Eternal Lords Campaign for the Frostlings

  • Necromancer's Triumph

    Win any level with the Necromancer leader class

  • For Whom the Bell Tolls

    Kill a leader with Invoke Death

  • Join Me in Death

    Recruit a Necromancer hero

  • Who Wants to Live Forever

    Research Harbingers of Death

  • Living in a Ghost Town

    Animate a ruined town

  • Don't Fear the Reaper

    Summon a Dread Reaper

  • Winter Has Come

    Win any level with a Frostling leader

  • Cold as Ice

    Freeze an enemy unit

  • To Heal a Frozen Heart

    Kill a frozen enemy

  • Cats Rule Everything

    Win any level with a Tigran leader

  • Kittens Everywhere

    Have six Tigran cities in a single game

  • Lady of Darkness

    Summon a Fallen Angel

  • Shadowfall

    Win any level with a Shadowborn leader

  • Lady of Light

    Summon an Arch Angel

  • Keep the Faith

    Win any level with a Keeper of Peace leader

  • Lady of Justice

    Summon a Chthonic Guardian

  • Iron Sky

    Win any level with a Grey Guard leader

  • Deep Friendships

    Obtain a Reef Colony

  • Going Postal

    Participate in a PBEM game

  • V-Mail

    Win a PBEM game

  • Dedicated Monogamist

    Max out the race governance for one race in a single game

  • Interracial Harmony

    Max out the race governance for three races in a single game

  • Liberator

    Liberate an oppressed enemy city via a betrayal event

  • Great Unifier

    Win a unifier victory