Sifu is a realistic third-person brawler with tight Kung Fu combat mechanics and cinematic martial arts action embarking you on a path for revenge.
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  • The Old Grandmaster


  • The Assault


  • The Hateful Pole Fighter


  • Stuntmaster


    Climbing and going across the environment allows you to control the flow of the fight.

  • Dance of the Praying Mantis


    Throwing enemies around makes handling big groups easier. (Ignored in training mode.)

  • Street Fighting


    Anything can be a weapon, so keep using your environment to your advantage. All is fair in such fights! (Ignored in training mode.)

  • Life is your teacher


    Unlock your first skill.

  • Qi Gong: Breath


    Receive the highest score-based shrine reward for the first time.

  • Qi Gong: Essence


    Receive the highest age-based shrine reward for the first time.

  • I know Kung-Fu


    Reach a level score of 10 000.

  • Lightning Hands


    Perform 3 takedowns within 12 seconds. (Ignored in introduction level.)

  • Kung-Fu Tussle


    Hit 3 enemies in a single strike. (Ignored in introduction level.)

  • Path of the Prospect


  • Rumble in the Hangar


    In the Squats, clear the hangar in less than 1 minute 20 seconds after being detected by the main group.

  • Fist of the Immortal

    All achievements unlocked! Thank you for playing.

  • A Lady's Blood in the Snow

  • Lady Wing Chun

  • Furious Fists

  • Muk Yan Master

  • Tiger on Fire

  • Source of Flying Daggers

  • Iron Money

  • Legendary Talismans of Wuxing

  • Scareless

    Beat the game while being 50 years old or less.

  • Prodigal Child

    Beat the game while being 25 years old or less.

  • Kill Nil

    Beat any boss without dying.

  • Detective Story

    Complete the Squats' detective board.

  • Drunken Fighter

    Complete the Club's detective board.

  • Martial Artist

    Complete the Museum's detective board.

  • Knowledge Greed

    Complete the Tower's detective board.

  • Healing Memory

    Complete the Sanctuary's detective board.

  • State of constant learning

    Permanently unlock a skill for the first time.

  • Qi Gong: Mind

    Receive the highest XP-based shrine reward for the first time.

  • The 36th Chamber of Kung-Fu

    Bare handed or with a weapon, standing up, against a wall, a ledge, or on the ground... Perform each takedown type at least once.

  • Master of the Phoenix Eye Fist

    Use each Focus Attack at least once. (Ignored in introduction level.)

  • Ferocity, speed, strength, accuracy

    Reach a level score of 20 000.

  • Old Child

    Reach your oldest appearance. Will you still have enough strength left to reach your goal?

  • Sword Stained With Blood

    Successfully use a blade weapon's one-shot attack on an enemy. (Ignored in training mode.)

  • The Pit Protector

    In the Club's pit, beat the Juggernaut before any other enemy is beaten.

  • Be like water my friend

    In the Museum, throw an enemy into the fountain from a higher floor.

  • Take damage to save time

    In the Tower's caves, drop from a high point to get deeper faster.

  • Warriors from the Mountain

    In the Sanctuary, throw an enemy into the mountains.

  • Come Snap With Me

    Give the Photo Mode a shot!

  • Project Arena

    Unlock a new arena pack.

  • Diligence as a goal

    Get 3 stamps in any arena challenge.

  • Bloody Sport

    Clear 25 different arena challenges.

  • Martial Hub

    Clear 45 different arena challenges.

  • Deadly Venom

  • Secure, Protect, Leave

  • The best strikes are the ones we avoid

  • A Touch of Acumen

  • Crouching Tiger

    Clear all tiger arena challenges.

  • Hidden Dragon

    Clear all dragon arena challenges.

  • Skill and an even stronger will

    Collect 240 stamps in arenas.

  • Master of the Flying Assassins

    Clear any challenge of the Heliport arena by throwing all enemies out.

  • Here Cometh the Iceman

    Finish the target with a snowball in the "Cyclone" arena challenge.

  • Fighter in the Pond

    Throw the Disciple in the lake in the "Bellowing Mountains" arena challenge.

  • Bonus Stage

  • Beatmaker

  • Fight the way you practice

    Clear an arena challenge with the Custom Mode enabled.

  • A Bit Of Everything, Simultaneously

    Attempt to clear any level with the Modifiers Randomizer enabled.