Sonic Adventure 2

Experience two unique adventures featuring both long-time heroes and new and returning villains as they battle for the fate of the world!
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  • Hello World


    Clear stage 1 on either side in story mode.

  • HERO!


    Clear HERO side in story mode.

  • DARK!


    Clear DARK side in story mode.

  • Mission Complete


    Win all A RANKs (5 A RANKs) in any one stage in story mode.

  • Beyond Good And Evil


    Clear LAST part in story mode.

  • Chao!

    Name your Chao for the first time.

  • Chao Raiser

    Raise all 5 properties of any one Chao up to level 10.

  • Boss Attack

    Clear all 3 modes in Boss Attack Mode.

  • Heaven or Hell

    Raise a HERO Chao and a DARK Chao with your hero and dark characters respectively.

  • Speedy Racer

    Win NO.1 in expert level in kart race.

  • Emblem Collector

    Unlock 90 emblems.

  • You Are The Legend

    Win A RANK in all stages in Story Mode.

  • Level 4!

    Play all level 4 stages in Action Race, Treasure Hunter and Shooting Battle.

  • Karate Master

    Beat all your enemies in Super Level in Chao Karate 1P mode.

  • Emblem Mania

    Unlock all 180 emblems.