Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Two larger-than-life heroes, Ichiban Kasuga and Kazuma Kiryu are brought together by the hand of fate, or perhaps something more sinister… Live it up in Japan and explore all that Hawaii has to offer in an RPG adventure so big it spans the Pacific.
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  • Infinite Wealth

    Obtained all achievements.

  • Back in Action

  • Fish Out of Water

  • Time Marches On

  • Down and Out

  • Misgivings

  • Hiding in Plain Sight

  • Separate Ways

  • Layered Lies

  • Found and Lost

  • Dying Breed

  • Reunion

  • Holding the Line

  • Turning the Tides

  • The Man Who Regained His Name

  • Touching Lives

    Completed 10 substories.

  • Saving Lives

    Completed 20 substories.

  • Living Your Best Life

    Completed 40 substories.

  • Squared Away

    Viewed all of Nanba's Drink Links.

  • No Regrets

  • Missing Words

  • Breaking Free

  • Starting Fresh

  • Rest Assured

  • Letting Go

  • Commanding Respect

  • Wandering Dragon

    Reached level 10 with Kasuga.

  • Resolute Dragon

    Reached level 30 with Kasuga.

  • Apex Dragon

    Reached level 50 with Kasuga.

  • Legendary Dragon

    Reached level 70 with Kasuga.

  • Superhuman

    Raised one of Kasuga's personality stats to max.

  • Metahuman

    Raised all of Kasuga's personality stats to max.

  • Renewed Purpose

    Completed all Life Links.

  • Precious Memories

    Gathered 30 Memoirs of a Dragon.

  • Abundant Memories

    Gathered 70 Memoirs of a Dragon.

  • Funk Goes On

    Pushed Kiryu's Soul, Tech, or Body to the max.

  • Alo-Happy as Can Be

    Experienced 8 activities offered by Alo-Happy Tours.

  • Side Hustle

    Raised a job to rank 30.

  • Mad Hustle

    Raised 3 jobs to rank 30.

  • Ultimate Hustle

    Raised 7 jobs to rank 30.

  • Pound for Pound

    Dialed up Poundmates 30 times.

  • Something from Nothing

    Made 10 pieces of gear at Julie's Gearworks.

  • Investing in the Future

    Completed all of Julie's investments.

  • Sujimaniac

    Registered 100 Sujimon to the Sujidex.

  • Sujimon Sensei

    Registered 200 Sujimon to the Sujidex.

  • Dungeon Sweeper

    Conquered the Yokohama Underground.

  • Ruffians Beware

    Conquered the Hawaiian Haunt.

  • Break It Up!

    Won 20 raids.

  • Suji League Champion

    Completed all Sujimon-related substories.

  • Sujimon Snag 'Em

    Recruited 10 Sujimon from battle.

  • Prize Fighter

    Maxed out a Sujimon's level and friendship.

  • Craftaholic

    Crafted 100 different pieces of DIY furniture.

  • Island Hospitality

    Welcomed 100 guests to Dondoko Island.

  • Dondoko A-Go-Go!

    Ran a TV ad on Dondoko Island.

  • Basking in Glory

    Transformed Dondoko Island into a 4-star resort.

  • Dondoko Denouement

    Completed the Dondoko Island story.

  • Having Fun Yet?

    Played 10 different minigames.

  • License to Skill

    Obtained 10 certificates from the Ounabara Vocational School.

  • 30 Mins or It's Free

    Completed all Crazy Delivery courses.

  • Sicko Stopper

    Completed all Sicko Snap courses.

  • Photo Hunter

    Took 30 different photos for the Photo Rally.

  • Spirit of Aloha

    Befriended 50 people through Aloha Links.

  • Don't Hate the Player

    Met up with 5 people from Miss Match.

  • Not a Total Waste

  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow

  • The Hero Returns

    Took up the Hero's mantle in New Game+.

  • Endless Vacation

    Completed New Game+.

  • We're Probably the Best!

    Completed New Game+ on Hard difficulty.

  • We're Definitely the Best!

    Completed New Game+ on Legend difficulty.

  • Building Bonds and Making Gains

    Celebrated your victory over sector one of the Big Swell.

  • Titillating Teamwork

    Celebrated your victory over sector two of the Big Swell.

  • Kei is for Kinship

    Celebrated your victory over sector three of the Big Swell.

  • Unboxed Brotherhood

    Celebrated your victory over sector four of the Big Swell.

  • We Did It?

    Celebrated your victory over the fifth and final sector of the Big Swell.