Lost Judgment

When a police officer discloses the murder of the student teacher who bullied his son to suicide, the twisted secrets of a Yokohama, high school bleed out. Nothing, in this case, is black and white.
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  • Master Detective

    Obtained all achievements.

  • The Game is Afoot

    Resolved Keiko's dilemma.

  • The First Penguin

    Stopped the bullying at Seiryo High School.

  • Trending Video

    Completed Chapter 4.

  • Unexpected Guests

    Completed Chapter 6.

  • All Are Punished

    Completed Chapter 7.

  • To Survive

    Completed Chapter 8.

  • Lessons Taught

    Completed Chapter 9.

  • The Mole

    Completed Chapter 11.

  • Scales of Justice

    Completed Chapter 12.

  • The Cycle is Broken

    Thank you for playing to the end!

  • Legendary Detective

    Beat the main story on the highest difficulty.

  • Hop, Step, Rabbits

    Completed the investigation of the dance club.

  • Revenge of the Nerds

    Completed the investigation of the robotics club.

  • Everybody Can Change

    Completed the investigation of the boxing gym.

  • Born to Ride

    Completed the investigation of the biker gang.

  • High School Drama

  • On the Case

    Cleared 10 Side Cases.

  • Private Eye

    Cleared 30 Side Cases.

  • Elementary, My Dear

    Cleared all Side Cases (not including DLC).

  • Kick Flip

  • Merciful

    Made one enemy surrender.

  • A Man Among Amons

  • Very Observant

    Find ten targets in Observation Mode.

  • Receiving Signals

    Find ten targets with the Detector.

  • Eavesdropping

    Find ten targets with the Noise Amp.

  • Who's a Good Boy?

    Find ten targets with the dog.

  • Irresistible Charm

  • Skill Dabbler

    Obtained 30 skills.

  • Skill Pro

    Obtained 100 skills.

  • Skill Master

    Obtained all skills.

  • TownGo Casual

    Completed 30 stores in TownGo's Shop Missions.

  • TownGo Whale

    Completed all of TownGo's Shop Missions.

  • TownGo Tourist

    Completed 20 TownGo City Missions.

  • TownGo Tour Guide

    Completed all TownGo City Missions.

  • TownGo Freshman

    Completed ten TownGo School Missions.

  • TownGo Senior

    Completed all TownGo School Missions.

  • TownGo Master

    Achieved 100% completion of TownGo. Wow!

  • An Ounce of Prevention

    Obtained all equipment.

  • Skate or Die

    Obtained all skateboards.

  • Sweet Jams

    Obtained all records.

  • Bad Fur Day

  • The Aviator

    Won first place in every Grand Prix drone race.

  • Party Star

    Clear all of the stages in Dice & Cube.

  • No Blind Spots in Any Direction

    Completed the final stage of Aircelios.

  • Yagami Pro Skater

    Get first place on the final course of the skateboard race.

  • Suffer Like G Did

    Obtained 50 pickups in Hama of the Dead.

  • The Gamer Life

    Played every arcade game.

  • Such a Flirt

  • Hopeless Romantic

  • All's Fair in Love

  • What Goes Around

  • Like Father, Like Son

  • Out for Blood

  • Cat & Mouse

  • Escaping a Daydream