Force Reboot

Force Reboot is a fast-paced FPS with rogue-lite elements. Force Reboot is entirely focused on nonstop gameplay. You need to get past all of the rooms as fast as you can.
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  • Stage One


    Complete First Stage

  • Reboot


    First time, huh?

  • Speedrun


    Finish First Stage Under 3 Minutes

  • Stage Two

    Complete Second Stage

  • Misclick

    Pick "No Buff"

  • Reflector

    Reflect 20 bullets

  • Enter Endless Mode

    To Infinity...and Beyond!

  • Real POWER

    Pick "4 Guns"

  • Real Speedrun

    Finish Second Stage Under 6 Minutes

  • Again And Again

    Reboot 25 times

  • First Steps

    Get Through 5 Loops in Endless Mode

  • Unkillable

    Get Through 10 Loops in Endless Mode

  • Enter Arena

    One Click Achievement

  • Enter Rush Mode

    Better than original

  • Survivor

    Survive 5 Waves in Arena Mode

  • True Survivor

    Survive 10 Waves in Arena Mode

  • That's it?

    Finish Rush Mode Second Stage

  • Faster

    Finish Rush Mode Second Stage Under 3 Minutes

  • Fast

    Finish Rush Mode First Stage Under 1 Minute

  • Fastest

    Finish Rush Mode Third Stage Under 6 Minutes

  • That's it [For now]

    Finish Rush Mode Third Stage

  • Warmup

    Finish Rush Mode First Stage

  • Stage Three

    Complete Third Stage

  • So Fast You Can Still Refund It

    Finish Third Stage Under 8 Minutes

  • You Only Have 15 Seconds

    Finish First Floor Under 15 Seconds

  • I Don't Need It

    Finish The Game With Pistol Only

  • Arena Master

    Survive 25 Waves in Arena Mode

  • Dude That's Kinda Crazy

    Survive 50 Waves in Arena Mode

  • I Just Can't Stop

    Get Through 25 Loops in Endless Mode

  • I Don't Know What I'm Doing With My Life

    Get Through 50 Loops in Endless Mode

  • Weapon Master

    Get All Weapons In a Single Run