Get ready to put a sizable dent in the profits of megacorporations in Deadlink, a guns-blazing cyberpunk FPS with roguelite elements. Your mission is to conduct covert ops while piloting a humanoid combat shell. And no, "covert" doesn’t mean "quiet."
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  • Demolition Man


    Destroy 5 objects with a single grenade.

  • Fire in the hole!


    Kill 3 enemies with a single grenade.

  • Baseline


    Complete the tutorial.

  • Better than sex


    Insert a Legendary Implant into Implant Matrix.

  • Longinus Podbipięta


    Score 3 headshots with a single shot from the ARC Cannon.

  • Newt-owned


    Kill a heavy enemy with fall damage.

  • It werfers flammens


    Kill the Torantula with fire damage.

  • Merciful


    Kill an enemy that is ignited, corroded, and recently got shocked.

  • I cast FIST!


    One shot an enemy with a melee attack.

  • Little Boy


    Reach Tora streets.

  • Fat Man


    Defeat the Torantula.

  • Watt's Up Doc?


    Reach Watts-Rucker labs.

  • An honest man

    Die to self-damage.

  • Go no farther.

    Complete a full run on Deep Dive difficulty.

  • Johnny Neurotic

    Complete a full run on Neuromancy difficulty.

  • Trivial information

    Complete a full run on VR Orientation difficulty.

  • Mars

    Complete a full run using the Soldier Combat Shell.

  • Nimrud

    Complete a full run using the Hunter Combat Shell.

  • Vishnu

    Complete a full run using the Engineer Combat Shell.

  • Hercules

    Complete a full run using the Juggernaut Combat Shell.

  • Sisyphus

    Complete a full run without spending a single Credit.

  • Close call

    Complete a full run with 5 or less HP.

  • Hisashi OSHA

    Die to every type of elemental explosive barrel.

  • Alexandria

    Unlock all Codex entries.

  • College dropout

    Skip the tutorial.

  • Hard Lesson

    Get killed in the tutorial twice.

  • Call Of The Void

  • Games Done Quick

    Complete a full run in under 40 minutes on Neuromancy difficulty.

  • Backwards longjump

    Complete a full run in under 30 minutes on Deep Dive difficulty.

  • Half o-pressed

    Complete a full run in under 20 minutes on VR Orientation difficulty.

  • Min-max

    Max out 1 Implant during a single run.

  • Followed a guide

    Max out 3 Implants during a single run.

  • Open Source

    Find all the secret Implants.

  • I read Plato

    Beat the story campaign.

  • Duck Hunt

    Kill 500 enemies at point-blank range with the Scrapper Shotgun.

  • Mujafedin

    Kill 200 enemies from at least 20 meters with the Bonegrinder Rocket Launcher

  • Butlerian Jihad

    Kill 50 robotic enemies with EM Charges.

  • Toxic attitude

    Kill 300 enemies with Prox Mines.

  • Flame War

    Kill 50 enemies with Flame Assault grenades that bounced off surfaces.

  • Big Iron

    Kill 500 enemies with headshots using the Peacekeeper.

  • Blow your load

    Break armor with Matter Converter salvo 200 times.

  • Dissociative violence

    Kill 200 enemies with unattached Tarball Launcher grenades.

  • Exodus 10:1

    Kill 50 enemies with toxic puddles left by the Locust Swarm.

  • It's just a fucking laser!

    Keep firing the Electrolaser for at least 15 seconds.

  • Excellent!

    Kill 3 enemies with a single shot from the Particle Accelerator.

  • Imagine my shock

    Zap 5 enemies with single link from Stormblight Cascade activation.

  • Shish kebab

    Ignite 3 enemies with a single Fire Ant round.

  • Eyes Wide Shut

  • Headhunter

    Destroy all head sculptures.

  • You are locked in here with me

  • Pussifist

    Beat a single combat arena without firing a single shot.

  • Mike Conley

    Kill the Phoenix Apex with a melee attack.

  • Air superiority

    Kill 6 enemies in a row without touching the ground.

  • Speedrunner

    Stay airborne for 15 seconds.

  • Arachnophobe

    Kill the Torantula without using any implant.

  • Apex twin

    Kill the Phoenix Apex without using any implant.

  • Amish paradise

    Destroy the Trinary Iskra without using any implant.

  • Man of integrity

    Buy all 'Shell Integrity' Deadlink upgrades.

  • What a riot

    Buy all 'Shield Boost' Deadlink upgrades.

  • Gruby Damage

    Buy all 'Damage vs Marked' Deadlink upgrades.

  • Capitalism, hoe!

    Buy all 'Deep Pockets' Deadlink upgrades.

  • Military Industrial Complex

    Buy all Soldier shell upgrades.

  • The Black Rider

    Buy all Hunter shell upgrades.

  • Erecting a sentry

    Buy all Engineer shell upgrades.

  • I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!

    Buy all Juggernaut shell upgrades.

  • Evolutionary Dead-End

    Defeat the Phoenix Apex.

  • Wage Slavery

    Reach Interport warehouses.

  • Iconoclasm

    Defeat the Trinary Iskra.

  • Size doesn't matter

    Reach Femto offices.

  • Actually, it does

    Defeat the Femto CEO.

  • Black Hole Sun

    Survive 20 waves in Extant Existence mode.

  • Proton Decay

    Survive 40 waves in Extant Existence mode.

  • Big Freeze

    Survive 50 waves in Extant Existence mode.

  • The Big Crunch

    Survive 100 waves in Extant Existence mode.