Tiny Life

In Tiny Life, you control a set of people that live together in a household. You take care of their daily needs, build their skills, forge new relationships... or just mess up their entire life in whatever way you can think of!
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  • How do They Get the Sounds Into the Ink?

    Finish writing a total of 25 books. You can also publish them to get some extra money!

  • Oh No, Our Table

    Create every woodworking item at least once.

  • Fresh Frozen Out of The Can

    Create every food item at least once, including barbecued food and food created by children.

  • Hide the Paint Harold

    Create every painting type at least once.

  • They Gave Me Clown Juice

    Drink 100 glasses of water from a sink.

  • Game Over! Score &e0

    Watch as a Tiny who is visiting your home lot dies on it.

  • RIP Me, I Died Dead

    Have one of your Tinies die on a public lot.

  • They Were Not, as the Kids Say, Awake

    Pass out a total of 50 times.

  • We're Not Cavemen, We Have Technology

    Have 10 broken objects on the same lot at the same time.

  • Sounds Like a Skill Issue

    Have a Tiny who has made progress in every single skill.

  • A Particular Set of Skills

    Have a Tiny who has reached the maximum level in every single skill.

  • Yes I Am, Now Be Quiet

    Have a Tiny stay awake for 24 hours or more straight.

  • They Don't Know I'm Mildly Popular

    Have a Tiny who knows 25 people well enough to call them their friends.