Dome Keeper

Defend against waves of alien attackers in this innovative roguelike survival miner. Dig for resources and choose from powerful upgrade paths. Is there enough time to mine a little deeper and get back to defend before the monsters attack your dome?
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  • Gifts from the past


    Retrieve a relic.

  • Land of the orbs


    Unlock the orb world.

  • Stick them with the pointy end


    Unlock the sword dome.

  • Hoarder


    Hoard 8 cobalt.

  • A keeper of status


    Unlock the prestige mode.

  • Precisely when I meant to


  • I came prepared


    After retrieving the relic, beat the final wave without the help of the relic bomb.

  • The deep end


    Complete relic hunt on a large map.

  • The regular


    Complete relic hunt on a medium sized map.

  • Bite sized


    Complete relic hunt on a small map.

  • Find a Friend


  • Master of Gravity


    Unlock the Assessor.

  • Shield Completed

    Unlock every battle ability of the shield.

  • Land of the behemoth

    Unlock the behemoth world.

  • Land of the stalks

    Unlock the stalk world.

  • Land of the Spores

    Unlock the mushroom world.

  • Doping

    Feed 10 treats to Drillbert in one run.

  • Quick Finish

    Retrieve the relic within 20 minutes.

  • Compounding interest

    Reach a prestige multiplier of 10 in endless mode.

  • My name shall be known

    Win a prestige run with 1000 points or more.

  • Bringing home the big bucks

    Gain 200 prestige in one wave.

  • Close Call

  • Deep and Greedy

  • Half Marathon

    Travel half the length of a Marathon in one run.

  • Shopping Bag Conundrum

    Carry 20 resources back to the dome in one go.

  • We're gonna need a bigger lift

    Have 80 resources hanging in the lift.

  • Thorough

  • Take your time

    Delay a wave by more than 0.5 cycles.

  • Ready for Battle

    Have 200 or more shield hp ready.

  • Earth shattering

    Use 15 blast charges in one run.

  • The third eye

    Detect 15 resources with the probe in one cycle.

  • Waterworld

    Produce 10 water with the condenser in one run.

  • Transmogrification

    Perform 10 conversions in one run.

  • Repellent completed

    Unlock every battle ability of the repellent.

  • Orchard completed

    Unlock every battle ability of the orchard.

  • My good mule

    Have the lift transport 200 resources in one run.

  • Veteran Keeper

    Win 10 runs.

  • Learning Opportunity

  • Rich in Fiber

    Consume a fruit that buffs you for at least 0.9 cycles.

  • My Savior

  • The Need for Speed

  • Solitaire Pong

  • Perfect Placement

  • Bulky Goods

  • Great-Great-Grandspheres

    Split a sphere into the 5th generation as the Assessor.

  • Hat Trick

    Explode 3 spheres with one activation as the Assessor.

  • Full Clip

    Have 6 spheres ready to fire as the Assessor.