Fish, farm, craft, gather, cook, loot or steal from other players and build a campsite or a village with your friends in an open-world multiplayer sandbox game without rules!
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  • Welcome to Longvinter Island


    Join a world for the first time

  • Mixed feelings

    Get a kill

  • Community cultivator

    Kill 10 players

  • I wish there was more PVE

    Kill 100 players

  • Parks and Recreation

    Build a fence

  • My first catch

    Catch a fish

  • Yee-haw!

    Plant a seed of wheat

  • Popping the berry

    Plant a berry

  • Fishing master

    Unlock all fishes from compendium tab

  • Hunting master

    Unlock all feathers from compendium tab

  • Farming master

    Unlock all plants from compendium tab

  • Keep feathering it

    Kill a wild capercaillie

  • Pacifist

    Equip a weapon

  • Wasted

    Get killed

  • Happy camper

    Build a tent

  • DIY

    Craft an item

  • Needs more salt

    Cook food

  • Rookie numbers

    Get 5 000 in cash

  • What u do for a living?

    Get 10 000 in cash

  • Chicken of Longvinter

    Get 20 000 in cash

  • I'm not done yet

    Heal yourself to full health after your health drops down to 1

  • Lumberjack

    Have inventory filled with wood

  • Farmer

    Build a farming plot

  • Drip

    Equip a hat

  • Constructor

    Place 10 items

  • No building permit needed

    Place 50 items

  • Deforestation

    Chop down 100 trees

  • Where is north?

    Equip satellite communicator

  • Long winter

    Go to snow region