Glitch Busters: Stuck On You

It’s a normal day on the net, until a virus outbreak turns everything upside-down. Only your squad of GLITCH BUSTERS can take on the net’s kookiest bugs in an online world gone haywire in this 1-4 player co-op 3rd person shooter.
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  • Acquire Hope for the Future

    Complete Story Mode

  • Destroy Delusion

    Defeat Mikoshi

  • Destroy Grandiosity

    Defeat the LAN King

  • Destroy Cruelty

    Defeat Trollpost0r

  • Acquire Superiority

    Get selected MVP in multiplayer

  • Acquire Individuality

    Join the Busters

  • Acquire Creativity

    Play Simulation Mode

  • Acquire Cooperation

    Stack for the first time

  • Acquire Curiosity

    Analyze data in the Labo 10 times

  • Acquire Ambition

    Obtain a three-star rating on any mission

  • Acquire Experience

    Clear 30 Missions