Feed All Monsters

Feed All Monsters is a cute and cozy Line Puzzle game. Assist a team of delivery workers in their quest to bring tasty food to all the little monsters. Find the optimal path for each worker in order to get all the monsters fed.
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  • Grasslands

    Solve Island 1

  • Dark Forest

    Solve Island 2

  • Ruins

    Solve Island 3

  • Oasis

    Solve Island 4

  • Autumn Fields

    Solve Island 5

  • Snowy Mountains

    Solve Island 6

  • Starting a Photo Album?

    Unlock 5 photos

  • So many friends!

    Unlock 10 photos

  • A growing collection

    Unlock 15 photos

  • Decrease the aperture

    Unlock 20 photos

  • Good that the camera is waterproof

    Unlock 25 photos

  • Do I have to glue in all the photos?

    Unlock 30 photos

  • How many Slimes we at?

    Unlock 35 photos

  • Happy memories

    Unlock all photos


    Click any character three times in a row.


    Travel with the food bus from the Grasslands to the Snowy Mountains

  • DJ Level: 0

    Turn the music off and on 10 times in a row

  • Delivery is here

    Feed 100 portions of food

  • 1000 Miles

    Walk a combined total of 1000 tiles

  • Thank you!

    Watch the credits