Spirit of the Island

A beautiful Life Sim Sandbox RPG with Cross-Platform Online COOP set on a tropical Archipelago. Build your farm, grow crops and animals, craft various items, cook dishes, gather resources, build shops and museum to attract visitors, and turn a desolate Island into a prosperous tourist destination!
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  • Respect Your Elders

    Talk to the Elder

  • The Workhorse

    Get Farming level 5

  • Rocks, Stones and Hard Work

    Get Mining level 5

  • Survivalist

    Get Foraging level 5

  • Best Chef

    Get Cooking level 5

  • Master Fisher

    Get Fishing level 5

  • Pathfinder

    Get Exploration level 5

  • The Combatant

    Get Combat level 5

  • The Persuader

    Get Social level 5

  • The Engineer

    Get Electronics level 5

  • Master Craftsmen

    Get Crafting level 5

  • Jack of All Trades

    Get all skills to level 5

  • The Herbalist

    Collect Each Plant in the Game

  • Monster Hunter

  • Millionaire

    Earn a total of 1 million credits

  • Grey Rocks island

    Visit Grey Rocks island

  • Wood Alley island

    Visit Wood Alley island

  • The Island of Six

  • Blue Shell beach

    Visit Blue Shell beach

  • Sand Cliffs island

    Visit Sand Cliffs island

  • Golem Eye island

    Visit Golem Eye island

  • Forever Ruins island

    Visit Forever Ruins island

  • The Golden Swamp island

    Visit The Golden Swamp island

  • Sharp Cliffs island

    Visit Sharp Cliffs island

  • Boar Mountain island

    Visit Boar Mountain island

  • Green Valley island

    Visit Green Valley island

  • A Journey Around the World

    Visit All Islands

  • Long Live The King

    Defeat the Pirate Boss

  • The Creator

    Craft EVERY Item in Game

  • Busy Life

  • Entomologist

    Collect All Types of Insects

  • Ichthyologist

    Catch All Types of Fish

  • A Farm to Rule Them All

    Plant All Types of Crops

  • Everyone is Here!

    Meet All NPCs

  • Smooth Talker

    Max Out the Relationship with All NPCs

  • Sometimes Bigger is Better

    Buy a Luxury boat

  • Home, Sweet Home

    Upgrade your house to level 3

  • To Know Your Past

    Finish the main Story

  • Two is Better than One

    Fix the abandoned house

  • Treasure Hunter

    Find 50 Treasures

  • CEO

    Hire 15 tourists

  • The Historian

    Collect all treasures in the Museum

  • Why Walk?

    Build all the vehicles

  • So it Was There!

  • You Did It!

    Unlock All Achievements

  • Megapolis

    Build Every Building

  • Dungeon Crawler

    Find All Caves

  • Time Sure Flies!

    Live on Your Island for a Year

  • The Key to Your Past