Deepest Chamber: Resurrection

Delve into the depths of Deepest Chamber: Resurrection, where card boosting is your key to survival. Employ this unique mechanic to augment your abilities, strategize your next moves and endure a series of increasingly perilous descents in this gripping rogue-lite, card-battling adventure!
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  • The First of Many

    Defeat an elite enemy.

  • Into The Depths

    Descend to the second depth.

  • Ruthless Refinement

    Boost 10 cards.

  • Gold Hoarder

    Have 250 gold.

  • Resurrection

    Heroes get resurrected after death.

  • Iron Will

    Complete a run without using a retry charge.

  • Smite the Smith

    Defeat the Smith.

  • Kill the Queen

    Defeat the Queen.

  • Tear Apart King Parten

    Defeat King Parten.

  • Lay Waste to the Lurker

    Defeat the Lurker.

  • Hit and Rumm

    Defeat Rumm.

  • Crush Camaz

    Defeat Camaz.

  • Quell The Keeper

    Defeat the Keeper.

  • Deft Hands

    Play 20 cards in a single turn.

  • Reflected Retribution

    Reflect a reflected attack.

  • Stop Hitting Yourself

    Make an enemy defeat itself.

  • Apothecary

    Brew 5 potions.

  • Limitless

    Have 8 energy in a single turn.

  • Fistfuls of Flurry

    Have 6 flurry in a single turn.

  • Rage Incarnate

    Have 300% rage.

  • Plaguebringer

    Have 100 poison on a single enemy.

  • Foul Play

    Have 300 corruption on a single enemy.

  • Feast Master

    Feed a companion 30 times in a single combat.

  • Echoes Of The Deep

    Win a run.

  • Determined

    Win a run on difficulty 3.

  • Relentless

    Win a run on difficulty 5.

  • What Have You Tamed

    Shrink Prince Lorien.

  • Unending Pain

    Defeat an end boss in the 1st round.

  • Grandmaster

    Have all achievements.

  • Where Are You Hiding

    Unlock the catacombs.

  • Glorious Stirring Sight

    Kill an enemy with the toad.

  • Unyielding

    Win a run on difficulty 10.

  • No Turning Back

    Gain the key to the secret crypt.

  • Fallen Angel

    Banish Samael.

  • A Broken Crown

    Defeat Baruch.

  • Heir To The Throne

    Defeat Lorien.

  • Unlimited Power

    Deal over 1000 damage.

  • Spiked Vengeance

    Have 100 spikes.

  • Final Triumph

    Defeat Samael in a death march run.

  • Monstrosity

    Have 8 skeletons next to Monstro.

  • Conquer The Unexpected

    Win a run with a random party.