Imp of the Sun

Restore the Sun’s light and end the Eternal Eclipse in this 2D fast-paced action-platformer game inspired by Peruvian cultures. Explore hand-crafted environments, battle and improve your skills to defeat the Four Keepers that stole the power of the Sun.
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  • Blazing Victory!

    Finish the Main Game.

  • A Light in the Dark

    Finish Eclipse Mode.

  • Who should you trust?

    Defeat Urqu.

  • Lonely Warrior

    Defeat Tui.

  • False Utopia

    Defeat Ruku.

  • Envious Brother

    Defeat Llanthu.

  • Home Sweet Home

    Enjoy your collection.

  • Quip-Up!

    Find the 9 Quipus.

  • Wait, you can level up!?

  • Revisionary History

  • Unfriendly Fire

  • Speed of Light

  • A New Age

  • The Seed Awakens