Harmony's Odyssey

Harmony’s Odyssey is a 3D fantasy adventure puzzle game set on mythical dioramas full of riddles, perky creatures and magic. Embark on a fantastic journey through remote fabled lands tangled by a rowdy cat and bring peace to its inhabitants.
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  • Harmony's Home

    Discover Harmony's home

  • City Trip

    Discover Olymp Estate

  • City Rogues

    Take a look at the city rogues

  • Sausages Runaway

    Unlock Cat's Delivery Service mini game

  • Detective Mummy Part 1

    Unlock Detective Mummy mini game

  • Detective Mummy Part 2

    Unlock Detective Mummy Part 2 mini game

  • Detective Mummy Part 3

    Unlock Detective Mummy Part 3 mini game

  • Bull's Football League

    Unlock Bull's Football League mini game

  • Werestorms Attack

    Unlock Werestorms Attack mini game

  • Dungeons'n'Mice

    Unlock Dungeons'n'Mice mini game

  • Cat's Delivery Service

    Complete all Cat's Delivery Service levels

  • Bull's Football complete

    Complete all Bull's Football League levels

  • Cat's Memory Recall

    Recover cat's memories

  • Cat Parts Reclaimed

    Recover all missing cat parts

  • Ocean Flight

    Fly through the mythical ocean

  • Angry Cerberus

    Get Cerberus mad

  • Angry Minotaur

    Get Minotaur mad

  • Angry Cyclops

    Get Cyclops mad

  • Angry Detective

    Get Detective Mummy angry

  • Angry Odin

    Make Odin really angry

  • Sausage Feast

    Do cats even like sausages?

  • Mice' Plans

    Help Dragonmice escape

  • Ice Cold Treats

    Get Cyclops a winter treat

  • Bull's Football Field

    Discover Bull's Football Field

  • Up In The Sky!

    Discover the Airport

  • Winter resort

    Discover Winter Resort

  • Jail time!

    Spend some time behind bars

  • Campaign Mode Complete

    Complete the campaign

  • Arcade Mode Complete

    Complete all arcade mode levels

  • Home Collection

    Discover the family collection

  • Make It Rain!

    Spend your first earned star

  • Wow, the Arcade Room?

    Discover the arcade room

  • Audiophiles Unite

    Visit the Audio Room in Home Hub

  • Patience, My Friend!

    Finished a level in over 25 minutes

  • Hard To The Core

    Complete all levels on Hard difficulty

  • Puzzle Wizard

    Complete all Puzzle levels