Marble World

Marble World is a physics sandbox simulator with marbles. Create your own marble races, runs and machines. Customize a variety of tracks, decorations and marbles to create a beautiful world.
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  • Master of Marbles

    Spawn 1000000 marbles.

  • Decoration Master

    Place 10000 decoration items.

  • Bob Ross

    Paint 10000 decorations.

  • Save The World

    Save a world.

  • Learning The Ropes

    Finish all tutorials.

  • Otherworldly

    Open a workshop world.

  • Community Friend

    Upload a world to the workshop.

  • Modularity

    Create a prefab.

  • Online Modularity

    Upload a prefab.

  • Prefab Placement

    Place a workshop prefab.

  • Got The Time

    Host a race.

  • No One Left Behind

    Finish a race which lasted longer than 1 minute without disqualifying any marbles.

  • Pimp My Marble

    Create a custom marble.

  • Follow You Follow Me

    Follow a marble.

  • Looking Good!

    Spawn a custom marble.

  • Marathon

    Host a race that lasts at least 10 minutes.

  • Looking Better!

    Add a effect to an existing marble.

  • A Link To The...

    Link 2 logic objects.

  • Persistence Of Time

    Pause the physics.

  • Life In The Fast Lane

    Have a marble go through a booster.

  • Marble Destroyer

    Manually delete a marble.

  • Light My Fire

    Place down a fire effect.

  • Rainbow In The Dark

    Spawn a marble with the rainbow skin.

  • Larger Than Life

  • Thinking With Portals

    Teleport a marble.

  • Amazing Flight

    Boost a marble in the Space world.

  • Marble Apprentice

    Spawn 100000 marbles.

  • Marble Junior

    Spawn 10000 marbles.

  • Decoration Apprentice

    Place 1000 decoration items.

  • Decoration Junior

    Place 100 decoration items.

  • Apprentice Painter

    Paint 1000 decorations.

  • Junior Painter

    Paint 100 decorations.