Zapling Bygone

Zapling Bygone is a twisted metroidvania where you murder your foes and steal their abilities by wearing their skulls and absorbing their consciousness into your hive-mind.
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  • Obtained the skull of the Rat King.

    These walls are looking very attractive.

  • Obtained the skull of the Damned Shame

    Beware the darkness.

  • Obtained The Protectors Power Core

    Who said consciousness has to be organic?

  • Obtained the skull of the Sewer Slumberer

    It seems to have an urge to play the clarinet, weird...

  • Obtained the Hard Hat

    It's just a dumb hunk of metal.

  • Obtained the skull of The Narcissist

    You monster.

  • Obtained the Skull of The Teacher

    It's older than expected.

  • Obtained the skull of The Bird


  • Obtained The Shared Burden

    Frozen in pain

  • Obtained the Builder Claw

    It's like those arcade machines but bigger.

  • Art Collector

    Obtained every painting from the artist.

  • Obtain all comic panels

    I bet you still don't know what's what.

  • Activate the builder protection system

  • Wormville

    It's where the worms live.

  • Complete the key challenge

    Stop showing off.

  • Enter Deaths Door

  • Trap The Parasite using Death Rock

    Hold my beer.

  • A whole new world

    Complete Zapling Bygone

  • Obtain Death Rock

    The only cure, if you can call it that.

  • Obtain a skull fragment

    A story told through death.

  • A New End

    New planet who dis?

  • Unlock a Builder Door

    Hello, is anyone home?

  • Put the ball in the net

  • 100%

    You only went and done it.

  • Complete the game with the MetalFace

    Who needs skulls?

  • Calm down