Photograph dozens of whimsical creatures, solving puzzles to get them to strike collectable poses! Then befriend them through unique quests and minigames, from snowflake design, to tuning and playing crystal harps, to organizing parties!
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  • Creativity Restored

    Beat the game.

  • Posemaster

    Capture every fiction pose.

  • Gotta Catch 'Em All

    Unlock all fictions on Dream's Doorstep.

  • Waste Of A Good Donut

  • Perfectionist

    Receive a perfect score on 10 photos.

  • Snowdrop Slopes

    Unlock the Snowdrop Slopes.

  • Glimmerwink Grove

    Unlock the Glimmerwink Grove.

  • Prickly Pass

    Unlock the Prickly Pass.

  • Well of Whimsy

    Unlock the Well of Whimsy.

  • Unbreakable Legs

    Fall from a really great height.

  • Torta Rider

  • Shiny!

    Capture a perfect picture of the Shiny Curicarp.

  • Donut Professional

    Beat the hard level of Jolly Flipper's donut toss.

  • Secrets Revealed

    Beat the hard level of Orashell's Conceal and Reveal game.

  • Unclouded Memory

    Answer every question correctly in Dracory's lore quiz.

  • Savior Of Fictions

    Save Curicarp, Grumite, Wibble, and Feffo from hazards.

  • Music Student

    Beat the hard version of Grumbo's music minigame.

  • Music Prodigy

    Beat the hard version of Waltok's music minigame.

  • Music Legend

    Beat the hard version of Beato's music minigame.

  • Mozart Would Be Proud

    Beat every music rhythm minigame.

  • Scholar

    Pass the hard version of Father Ostrix's quiz.

  • Sticking With It

    Complete a 144-piece jigsaw puzzle.

  • Mind Reader

    Read 10 idle thoughts.

  • Blow Me Away

  • Whack A Molo

    Beat Molo at the highest difficulty of his minigame.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Satisfy all fictions at Bizyburd's beach party.

  • Purple Mushrooms Forever

    Beat the hard level of Nekolar's crane minigame.

  • Keep On Hoppin'

    Jump 50 times in a row in Wibble's jump rope minigame.

  • Scorchin!

    Complete one of Scorch's recipes with just 3 ingredients.

  • The Next Gucci

    Dress up 15 fictions.

  • Creative Potential: Idyll Island

    Customize Dream's Doorstep by modifying the torches, auroras, fireworks, flags, hanged paintings, and fog.

  • Creative Potential: Snowdrop Slopes

    Customize Dream's Doorstep by modifying the jack-o-lantern, cake, snowflakes, crystals, garlands, ice statues, and the Celebratory Spruce.

  • Creative Potential: Glimmerwink Grove

    Customize Dream's Doorstep by modifying the flowers, firelies, and weather.

  • Creative Potential: Prickly Pass

    Customize Dream's Doorstep by modifying the stars, lanterns, graffiti, fiction colors, and donut.

  • Photo Wizard

    Customize a photo with color tweaks, fiction vision, stickers, frames, and photo effects.

  • Group Photo

    Take a photo with at least 5 different fictions in it within the Realm.

  • Master of The Universe

  • Problem Solver

    Complete all 4 puzzles that unlock Oa's seasonal aspects.

  • Richer Than McMuney

  • The Holy Grail

    Complete every quest.